My Top List Of Books To Buy

AF – This post about my top books to buy contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and decide to buy a product I may get a small fee, at no extra cost to yourself.

Although I write book reviews all of the time and have listed many of my favourites in the past, I decided that I need to present a definitive list of books that I totally recommend buying. For now, I am sticking to contemporary adult fiction but in future there may be a YA fiction list and possibly one on biographies or non-fiction.

Every book that I have selected is highly recommended by me and exceeds a five star rating, in my view. You will know, if you have read my blog before, that I only write about books that come across as strong and captivating. There are many books that I have read in the past few years that I would never review as they disappointed me somewhat.

Next to each book I have tried to sum them up in one sentence each. This is a lot more challenging than it sounds. Let me know if I grabbed your interest with any of them.

Here goes with my top list of books to buy:

Gentlemen and Players – by Joanne Harris

A prudish latin teacher is fed up with the constant change as his independent, private school sees one wannabe-student sneaking into campus and unleashing chaos.

The Midnight Library – by Matt Haig

One woman is fed up and tries to end everything but finds herself trapped between different versions of what her life may have been, in a library where you can pick your future.

Three Wishes – by Liane Moriarty

Three thirty-four year olds triplets are always there for each other but have come to realise that they each have been hiding things from the others.

Writers and Lovers – by Lily King

When a young waitress dreams of becoming a writer, her love life becomes more interesting just as she sees a sign of possible publications; her double dating messes with her thoughts as she struggles to pay debts, find her true self and come to terms with her mum’s death.

Pine – by Francine Toon

Living in small Scottish village, a girl (and her dad) are just about coping with the loss of her mother when some really creepy events start to unhinge them both, beneath the shadow of some stunning pine forests.

I hope that you were intrigued by these beautiful books which really made an impression on me. These writers generally use short chapters and are all great at creating suspense and capturing relationships. The drama in these novels is well written and clever. I would totally recommend checking out these books as they all make for amazing reads.