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Today was the first time in ages that I had time to make a YouTube book review video. It was great to be able to share my thoughts again in this way and I hope that it complements my blog nicely.

Two books really held my interest recently. These are what I have discussed in my vlog and I was very satisfied by them, despite them being quite different to each other.

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Blurred Skies

The rain is again falling,

Mixing up most of May.

The summer is coming,

With a much different sway.

As Earth’s climates change,

The weather is less sweet.

Can’t distinguish the seasons,

They don’t present quite so sweet.

Blurring the lines

And gathering new storms,

Making me wonder

What future it dawns.

Give us a chance to refresh out mindset,

Not live with this impact,

With nothing but regret.

Let’s change how we do things,

And consider how we move,

Take trains, buses or bicycles,

And get into a new groove.

Help build us a future

Of conservation and bliss,

We can forge a new attitude,

No longer taking the…..

Love Books

I like reading fiction books,

I don’t judge covers by their looks.

I like to enjoy discovering plots,

To meet new characters who get tied in knots.

To feel their struggles and know their pain,

To follow their journey against the grain.

Become entwined in heart-warming tales,

Become part of their life, watching over their tails.

Become engrossed as I read late at night,

Know that I simply must read their plight.

Whether they do it wrong or right,

I need to know that the end is in sight.

And then another book appears,

I hope this next one don’t take years.