Cinderella Film Review

When I first read that Camilla Cabello was going to star in a new musical version of Cinderella, I was initially excited. The only thing that put me off was James Corden’s involvement as he spoiled a few movies for me recently, such as The Prom and Ocean’s 8.

A few weeks ago a trailer appeared and showed snippets from the Amazon Prime Movie and I had mixed thoughts because it didn’t give much away. Soon I discovered that Piers Brosnan, Minnie Driver and Idina Menzel were in on the project and I was back to being intrigued.

Best things about it.

On Saturday I sat back and watched it. From about five minutes in I was hooked. Using a variety of classic pop songs such as ‘Material Girl’ by Madonna and ‘Perfect’ from Ed Sheeran, this film was funky and cute in equal measures.

It had a more feminist approach than the original, with Cinderella wanting to be a professional dress maker. The director, Kay Cannon, is best known for the Pitch Perfect films and brought a lot of fun and energy to this project.

Recently I wrote about my afternoon tea at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom (linked here). Watching the Ball in the movie I soon realised that they had used that very same Tower Ballroom for Cinderella’s famous glass slipper moment and some cool dance routines.

I was in no doubt that Idina Menzel can sing as I had front row tickets to ‘If Then’ in 2014 and witnessed her incredible voice for myself. Similarly I got to see Camilla Cabello open the 2018 Wembly Summertime Ball and was also impressed by her vocal talent and dance moves.

With the prince singing Queen’s epic ‘Somebody to Love’ and a rousing version of Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Let’s Get Loud’, the movie is brilliantly soundtracked. Thankfully Piers Brosnan doesn’t sing (much) and Corden is only a very minor role, as a mouse.

If you have access to Amazon Prime Video then definitely check out this cheesy, corny, wonderfully entertaining movie.

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