So It Snowed (A Poem)

Woke up to snow

And what do you know?

The pavements were white

And the morning so bright.

With a chill in the air

And hat over my hair

I trudged down the street

Taking ‘oh so much’ care.

It is nice to see snow

With its effervescent glow.

It is right for the season

And there for a reason.

Yet some have soon claimed

Though they need not be named

That is means climate change isn’t real.

Well, you know how I feel.

The presence of snow

Is quite seasonal, you know.

With effects of El Nino

Every four years we cool…so?

The Earth is still warming

But we may find more storming.

Extremes are expected

If the climate is neglected.

Climate change is real

But we need to do a deal…

In Dubai we need more action

So the fight can gain more traction.

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Reconnecting With Wildlife

This month the Climate Change Collective are writing about how to make fresh connections with nature or simply reawaken an appreciation of the world around us. The topic is discussed in the newest lead post by A Sustainably Simple Life.

Check out the brilliant article here:

The post talks about a personal experience of attending a retreat. I can totally relate to the idea that withdrawing from the hustle and bustle of daily life and spending time in the countryside is always beneficial.

Take Aways

Reading about being immersed with nature, this article reminded me how important it is to spend time with animals and plants. It is so easy to disconnect from the natural world and so making time to appreciate it is vital.

People who don’t recognise the importance of climate change are often busy working and caught up in urban life. Taking time away from all of that can draw attention to the fragility and value of wildlife and give us all moments to think about what is actually important.

As weather systems change and garden birds are becoming less visible, there is real value in ensuring you give yourself self care and allow yourself to rebuild a relationship with nature.

Thank you for popping by. Please check out the Climate Change Collective article linked above and drop a comment about how you plan to reconnect with nature.

The Wonder Of Microforests

This month, The Climate Change Collective are focusing on greening up areas of land with trees. It is widely known that large areas of forest are being cut down and burned every week. So it makes sense that one of our environmental initiatives should be planting trees at every opportunity.

A few weeks ago Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) took part in the planting of a microforest in her beloved Waterloo region of Canada. I was really intrigued about this and thankfully she shared her experience in the latest lead post for the Climate Change Collective:

Small But Wonderful Changes

The idea of transforming a small area of land into a forest, with a range of local flora and fauna, is really cool. There are so many benefits, not only to the environment but also to local communities.

– It increases biodiverisity and has a localised cooling impact

– There will be more photosynthesis which means more recycling of carbon dioxide

– a microfest can provide an additional retreat for local people – a community-made natural gem

Reclaiming land for nature always makes sense. If by doing so we are creating new reserves for families to explore, then even better. Pockets of green within towns and cities can make a massive difference to local microclimates.

As a result of this post, I have asked my boss for a way of reclaiming part of our school field for a microforest.

Final Thoughts

Each month one of our wonderful bloggers creates a lead article about something related to climate change. Michelle originally set up The Climate Change Collective after discussing with me a need for a group of bloggers who expressed concern for global warming and made practical suggestions for change.

All of us in the group write our own posts linked to each monthly lead article. Our group is growing and welcoming, so please drop me a tweet if you are a blogger interested in joining.

Microforests are a great way to create biodiverse local woodlands and help to re-green our increasingly urbanised regions. Please check out Michelle’s article and let us know what you think in the comments.

You can also check out the last post that I wrote about climate change, Warmer Weather – What’s not to like? and the August lead post A Greener World – Debunking myths about climate change by Molly – Transatlantic Notes.

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