Our Beloved Queen

A wondrous Queen

You’ve always been.

Such majesty

You’d always bring.

I met you once

And you shined so bright

You ruled with dignity,

Strength and plight.

So thanks for love

And leading by example

You were our monarch

Your generosity ample.

A loss we know

Your passing has brought

But we remember

The compassion you taught.

A Queen so steady

For 70 years

And now my heart

Is full of tears.

Arguing for Arguing’s Sake

Recently I have noticed people arguing more and more for the sake of it. Here are my thoughts about this:

Whatever you believe, however strongly you feel about something,

Not everybody views and feels the same as you.

You may try and twist their arm, using powers of persuasion,

But everyone has the right to view and feel differently.

We don’t have to start fights about viewpoint,

It is easy to listen and show understanding.

There is no need to force your opinion on somebody,

So long as both sides get to be heard.

When one side shouts loudest, it doesn’t mean they are the only ones right,

There are two sides to every story and two people beneath opposing views.

Cannot we work alongside each other without the pressure to all follow one route?

Cannot we all debate and discuss without dictating and taking sides?

You can be friends with everyone and anyone, no matter their views on society or lifestyle.

Here’s to an accepting world. A peaceful one. A less argumentative humanity.

Merry Jollity

Jingle bells, roast chestnuts,

Warm your hands on the fire,

Unwrap presents, Eat huge meals,

All of these things will transpire.

Be together, share a hug,

Forget work and hassle and news,

Watch the Queen speak, drink mulled wine,

Argue with family who have different views.

Play silly games, act out fave films,

Eat Christmas pudding and cover it with booze,

Sing karaoke and dance round the room,

Then lie on the sofa and have a long snooze.

Perhaps for five minutes, reflect and consider,

Those who are not lucky enough to enjoy Christmas day,

Whether religious or just conscious of society,

For a little while think about them who can’t play.

Consider the burning of forests and heatwaves,

Dwell on the cutting of millions of trees,

Imagine the pollution of smelting and jet planes,

Make a choice to save the planet, acknowledge climate change, please.