Covid, Covid, Go Away – Poem

Covid, covid, go away!

Don’t come again another day.

You’re doing my head in

With your constant aching.

My nose is always running,

At night I keep on waking.

As for my throat, you make me sore,

Never felt like this before.

I didn’t think Covid would hurt me much,

But seems that I was wrong, as such.

After two years avoiding you,

You came to get me, got me in a stew.

So Covid, covid go away!

You really hack me off today!

This is a poem I wrote just now in response to two sleepless nights since I began feeling the symptoms of Covid. For another of my little poems check out We need a world. I am going back to bed to not sleep.

Covid or Climate Change?

I worry everyday that while Covid continues to be causing problems, climate change is being sidelined, almost as if it doesn’t matter. We probably have to live with Covid for ten years but the environment can’t wait that long to be saved. We need to act now!

Already the Glasgow Summit, which was only a month ago, has been forgotten about in the news and in the general media. It is a shame that at a time when we have come to demonstrate clearly how vulnerable our ecosystems are, we are getting distracted by other things.

Climate Change matters because:

– Every day pollution is growing and the atmosphere is being damaged. This will have a knock-on effect with weather systems and storms. Only last week America suffered stronger tornados, Antarctica had its hottest day on record and typhoons have destroyed homes in the Phillipines.

– Political changes could lead to funding for renewable energy and sustainable transport. Without government initiatives and support, many necessary changes to industry and transportation will be overlooked.

– The Glasgow leaders’ meeting really brought climate change to the forefront. If we can keep it in the spotlight then we can influence change more swiftly.

– Extinctions of species wait for no body. Covid or no covid, many groups of animals and plants are dying out as we speak. We have the power to slow or reverse this process of extinction.

These are my thoughts on the issues of global warming and temperature rise. I do wonder how you feel about the situation. Do you feel that climate change needs to have more awareness given to it or do you think it should sit on the back burner until Covid has died down?

My Podcast – Starting Again

A while ago I experimented with a podcast and I really enjoyed it but I lost momentum due to pandemic distractions. Now I have decided to give it another go as I found it fun and therapeutic. I wonder if any of you would be interested in listening to my upcoming broadcasts.

So far I have kept the episodes chatty, talking about books, theatre, movies and current affairs. As well as readings from my stories, I love talking about the environment too. All of these elements are in bite size chunks.

Here is the trailer for my podcast, with some thoughts about what I will try and cover. Hopefully it may engage your interest. I will be making my first episode this week.