Brilliantly ‘Crazy Rich Asians…’

I was excited to go and see this brand new movie last night, knowing how successful it had been in America and expecting a laugh-out-loud comedy. I got something quite different, but definitely great.

This was a romantic film with incredibly good photography and a stunning insight into Singapore and its lavish society. I loved the way that Henry Golding managed to carry off his role as a charismatic and clever rich guy who fell for a beautiful, yet grounded, economics lecturer from New York.

Michelle Yeoh was an overbearing mother who was annoyed to discover her son was dating a girl from a relatively poor background (although not hard up at all). She wanted to put the dampeners on his relationship to stop her legacy being passed to someone she deemed unworthy.

The twists and turns were in some places predictable but still entertaining and the cinematography was stunning. I liked the involvement of Awkwafina, who had already established herself in the recently impressive Ocean’s Eight flick. Her comedic role as the best friend of Rachel (Constance Wu) was matched by a laughable yet endearing turn from Ken Jeong who played her father.

Without a doubt, a fully captivating, visual masterpiece with a heart and sweetness that makes it long-lasting. *****

What have we learned from Love Island?

I started the series with a blog about LI and want to reflect on the last eight weeks.

1. I cannot believe how much influence this show has. Seeing Dr Alex grow to almost a million followers on Instagram during this period illustrates the power this programme can have over your career. Great if you are a model or extremely fit. Really quite narrow minded though as the show is only open to slim or muscular men and women who most likely are entering a modelling career or have the necessary looks to get into that sort of work. Of course, night club appearances, advertising gigs and ITV2 spin-off shows are all in the pipeline for many contestants.

2. Thinking that perhaps there was a genuine backdrop of social experimentation with this, I am now certain that is not the case. It is purely about how sexy people can maintain viewers and most of the contestants are in it for the publicity rather than the chance at love. I was sucked in just like anyone else but popular characters have shown their superficial sides in this particular run. Georgia is the finest example of someone who is truly not ‘loyal’ to anybody but herself. When given the opportunity to leave the show and be with her supposed ‘love’ she quickly decided to stay and remain separate as she clearly wanted as many on-screen hours as she could scrape. Generally, they seem to do whatever they feel will make them popular and garner them votes.

3. I suppose my wish for next year is that the show is more inclusive. I hope it stops just having young twenties people, hope it includes gay and bisexual men and women, and especially look forward to a range of everyday people with varied personalities, backgrounds and body types. I guess that is unlikely but I definitely think it would make the show better and less of a vehicle for expanding Instagram advertising deals.

Date Wait

A snippet from one of my ‘SHORT DATES’ stories.

I was particularly nervous. My hands were sweating profusely. It felt as though my heart were about to burst out from my body. I took another quick glance into the mirror and it crossed my mind that my hair might well be showing signs of receding. Moments like this were probably the main cause. After all, I was always putting myself in these situations again and again; setting myself up for a fall every time. Something quietly assured me that this time could be different. I sprayed a last desperate drop of hair spray gel onto my short brown hair and rammed my wallet into my pocket. The night had started in a timely manner but I had no idea what twists would lay in wait for me this time.

Thinking about my last few dates, one was with a married woman who wanted to play the role of cougar and the other was with a girl who was so obsessed with her ex that she spent the majority of the evening talking about and showing me pictures of this ‘probably very pleased with himself’ guy. He was well rid of her. She was an absolute nightmare. Of course they all had their downfalls and I just seemed to keep on attracting this type. I took a deep breath as I got into the taxi. Texting her to let her know I was on my way, I also spotted a text from my ex. Deleted. I had forgotten to delete and block her until now.

My painful love life did have moments of happiness though. It was just unfortunate that while I was having a great time with each girl, she was coming up with a way to either control me or humiliate me. One of them even made a pass at my big brother. Another girl became a jealous stalker. She was crazy about the fact that I had friends who were women. One day she was discovered lurking in the toilets at work, where she even began a row with a colleague who she was convinced I had been having an affair with. Oh well. Tonight needed to be different. It was going to be my last attempt.

If you want to read more, have a look at my short stories collection, ‘SHORT DATES.’