Looking Forward (scrap the negatives)

Thinking about thinking, worrying about stuff,

Trying to distract myself from things that don’t matter too much.

Getting stressed out over daily routines,

Finding myself shouting at television screens.

Absorbed in the news and what’s wrong with the world,

Sometimes I need a way to dissolve emotions unfurled.

Calm and tranquility is a better way through,

Teach me a way to celebrate all things new.

Let me think more about positive things,

And focus more happily on what the bright future brings.

Let’s do this together and wipe negativity away,

Let’s live for tomorrow, after enjoying today!

Summer? You ready?

As summer approaches and birds start to sing,

We come out of lockdown with a familiar ring.

The idea of freedom and having lots of fun,

But we still need some caution, from every-one!

The rule of six is with us again,

But let’s stick to it carefully, so then

When we look forward to holidays

Watch matches and see plays,

Let’s remember the long game is within our gaze.

I want no more lockdowns for all of our days.

Edging Forwards.

Coming out of lockdown and hoping for the best,

We can do this, people. Let’s put ‘us’ to the test.

If we take little steps towards a brighter future,

Then we can get right back to enjoying popular culture.

To open up our theatres and start to watch live shows,

To walk around the countryside, appreciating nature and how it grows.

I want to go on holiday, and hop along the beach,

To visit other countries and have a drink in each.

I miss the chat in cafes, the smell of coffee brewing,

But all of this relies upon a careful, cautious ‘undoing’.

So let’s just take it slowly, to tiptoe back to normal

Or soon another flipping lockdown will yet again be formal.