Read, Watch and Listen – April/May

As I went away on holiday in April I didn’t get around to my usual Read, Watch and Listen article. Today I want to catch up with a recommendation of something to devour that is bookish, a fantastic TV show and a funny, fresh podcast.

Join me as I outline the reasons why you should consider checking out one of these incredible magnets of entertainment.

Read ‘Diary of a Swedish Shepherd’ by Axel Linden

Have you ever considered leaving the office for a more rural job?

This book is sweet and short but nonetheless leaves you with a better understanding of life as a sheep farmer in Sweden.

As a diary, there are notes each day about what it is like to change careers and start a farm. Sometimes it is frustrating and others just wonderful. Mostly lovely though.

Anecdotal and personal, this book is well worth a read. It touches on tradition, modernity and sustainability. I loved dipping into it a few pages at a time because it always made me reflect and usually made me smile.

Watch ‘Palm Royaleon Apple TV Plus

‘What is this?’ I hear you cry.

Well, it is a stunning new comedy-drama playing on Apple TV Plus which stars Kristin Wig (Bridesmaids) and Laura Dern (Big Little Lies/ Jurassic Park) among others.

A wanna-be hotshot woman trying her luck in a wealthy Californian town is seen bluffing her way into high society. The results are hilarious and satisfying.

Everyone likes to see an underdog doing well – right? Maxine (Kristin) is married to a guy who may well inherit a fortune from his aunt who is currently in a coma. The comatose aunt is played by TV legend Carol Burnett who is on screen in the coma and also seen in funny flashbacks.

Ricky Martin (“She Bangs!”) pops up as a waiter who happens to live in the pool house belonging to coma lady. His involvement is amusing and integral, as he develops a close friendship with Laura’s character, Linda.

Settle in for episodes of fun, frolics and easy-to-watch entertainment.

Listen to ‘Miss Me’ on Spotify or BBC Sounds

As a fan of Lily Allen and Miquita Oliver, I was surprised to know that both were long term best friends. Knowing that Lily lived in New York and Miquita in London I can see why they decided to name their new podcast – ‘Miss me.’

Essentially they post two episodes a week. On Thursday they discuss certain talking points then on Monday they open up the podcast to take questions that listeners left by voice note.

These two are so honest; brutally honest and hilarious.

I have really started to look forward to every new episode of this ‘already top ten’ podcast.

Recent chat has been about the patriarchy, ambition and bosoms.

I absolutely love it and you will too!

In A Nutshell

Hopefully one of these suggestions hit home with you and you will feel the need to check it out.

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Sunday Let Me Rest

A Short Poem

Three weeks ago I enjoyed a Sunday in Geneva

Sunday comes but once a week

And usually I am knackered.

I love to chill and catch my breath

‘Cos I am just cream crackered.

I try to rest and lay around

Reading books and blogs and thinking.

But then emails from work pop up

And soon I’m slowly sinking.

I’m lucky if I get stuff done

Like hoovering and dusting,

Some exercise and stretches too

Prevent my knees from rusting.

No matter how much I ignore

Old Monday grimly twerking

I cannot simply blank it out

So spend my evening working.


Hopefully you enjoyed my poem about Sundays and how Monday looms over me all day.

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Kate Winslet’s Regime

Another Unique Performance

Not the actual palace in The Regime but equally nice.

Kate Winslet has always been a brilliant film actress. She has an incredible track record.

Who can forget her as Marianne in Sense and Sensibility or playing Rose in Titanic?

But it is rare that she does TV shows. Her first was more than ten years ago, but recently she has made two amazing series.

First, she starred as a middle America detective called Mare. Mare of Easttown was a hit and definitely showed off her acting abilities.

Now she is incredible in a powerful and funny new series.

The Regime (HBO/ Now TV)

Mare of Easttown came out two years ago and now we are watching a new series unfold, set in a small fictional European country. It is powerfully entitled ‘The Regime’.

It reminds me of Luxembourg but with more political hostility.

Kate plays the Chancellor (Elena) who is obsessed with hygiene, convinced that mould is terrorising her palace. She hires a war criminal to be her guard and assistant but soon becomes intrigued by him.

So intrigued that he starts to influence her and everything she does.

Her weird marriage of convenience and peculiar politics make this a satirical show. It has moments of comedy and seriousness.

The series is actually written by Will Tracy, who helped create the brilliant show ‘Succession’, which also had many millions of us totally riveted.

Final Thoughts

Kate Winslet holds this show together with her incredible way of shaping a dictatorship. She is funny, especially when she sings. Elena is also strong, argumentative and a ruthless negotiator.

I would totally recommend checking out this HBO series which is also playing on Now TV and Sky Atlantic in Britain.

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