Scream VI: Movie Review

In 1996 the Scream movie came out and I remember persuading my friend to drive me to the nearest cinema to watch. We both found it a combination of scary and funny. As it became a franchise, we kept watching the films and they never let us down. This time I thought it would be handy to share my Scream VI movie review on my blog.

Now, the latest instalment is in movie theatres and has again managed to attract big audiences. I went to check it out last week and had a great time.

What’s Going On?

I was delighted to see a new Scream movie last year which was satisfying and thrilling. However, I would never have expected another movie to come along quite so quickly. When the trailer suddenly appeared, I was pleasantly surprised.

There was no Sydney in this one but Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) was a big part of this film. Alongside her, the two sisters from last year were now present as students living in New York. Jenna Ortega (Wednesday) played Tara and Melissa Barerra (In The Heights) played Sam. They both reprised their roles brilliantly alongside a couple of their friends, Mindy and Chad.

The Scream movies are a mix of horror and comedy. It is their tongue-in-cheek scripts that keep bringing me back for more. This one was not predictable and the one liners were distributed evenly throughout the movie.

When I asked my friend Harriet what she thought about Scream VI she said:

‘I like how we saw more detail of the knife actually going into the body.’

In other words, it got more gruesome in the darker moments. The director added extra detail into the violent scenes but the film still retained its humour. With contrasting moments of horror and comedy, I was definitely entertained throughout.

In A Nutshell

It is hard to discuss the Scream VI movie and not give away any spoilers. Without Officer Dewey there was a moment of reflection but Courtney Cox ensured that a legacy character was still available to bring on the drama.

My friend and I were constantly changing who we thought orchestrated the murders but neither of us guessed the final outcome. This instalment was a rollercoaster ride of emotions, with laughter, pulse raising bits and scenes where your heart feels as though it is going to burst through your chest.


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Why Business Sim Games Are Fun To Play

Collaborative post about money-related online Sim games.

I have mentioned before how much I love playing online games. They can be very entertaining and useful, especially when filling time, waiting for meetings or travelling from one place to another. If these games can reflect the real world, then that is even better. You may even learn something while playing them.

Money-related games

Imagine being able to play Sim games that are based on real life. Games that simulate financial things such as making investments and making decisions about trading. For me, these kinds of games are more interesting and relevant than racing games or wrestling simulations. My best friend would disagree. For him, you can’t beat an hour of Wrestlemania.

This article is my way of saying that business simulations can be just as fun, but while also being educational.

A Few Examples

I have become fond of a game which relates to trading stocks and shares (something which I do regularly, but not always well). Stocks is a game where you have to click to buy and sell your stocks as they rise and fall in value. It is quite fast and you have to be a rapid clicker to stand any chance of making money (not real money obviously – this is a game after all).

A screenshot from the Stocks game.

Housing Market Game

Real Estate Tycoon is also a lot of fun. I have been trying to get my head around this one which involves buying and selling houses as they increase and decrease in value. As each property is built, a green speech bubble appears showing the value go up or down. You have to make quick decisions about when to sell and the resulting profit or loss shows up in the top score bar.

A screenshot from Real Estate Tycoon

Entertaining but cost-free

There are so many games to choose from which are related to money and finance. If you enjoy activities which make you really think and make quick decisions, then these particular games will easily satisfy your needs. For me, they scratch an itch. The best thing about them is that they are free and you don’t lose any real money if you make the wrong decisions.

A lot of computer games do cost money these days. Even if they are free to begin with, you soon end up buying credits to progress further through modern online games. That is why I happily recommend free business Sim games, as they are easily accessible and you won’t be persuaded to pay for credits later on.

Final Thoughts

The idea of playing online games to pass time may be commonplace these days. However, having the chance to practise life skills while playing Sim games may be new to you. I learned about these types of games through blogging and previously wrote about them but this time I have focused on ones which I find most fun and relevant (especially for me, as a person obsessed with stocks and shares).

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