Oppenheimer Was Petrifying But Excellent!

Popping along to my local Showcase Cinema yesterday to see the much hyped new Christopher Nolan film – Oppenheimer, I was concerned about the three hour duration. Would I be able to keep my eyes open in a dark room for this long? Well, I definitely remained fully awake as this film was nothing less than an eye-opener.

In A Nutshell

Robert Oppenheimer studied in Cambridge (near me) and went on to be a leading light in Quantum Physics. He was asked to set up a research project that would ultimately develop an atomic bomb which would be actually used towards the end of the Second World War.

Seeing such enthusiasm for making this bomb really made me feel awkward. The fact that it was a race and they seemed to treat it like a game was a difficult aspect to handle.

However, the acting was magnificent and the story was thoroughly explored. Great actors were brought in to play people such as Truman (Gary Oldman) and Einstein (Tom Conti). Matt Damon came in as the guy in charge of the Manhattan Project and worked side by side with Oppenheimer. His acting was also to a high standard.

I was a little let down by the casting of Robert Downey Junior – Iron Man – in this as Lewis Strauss. He was his usual wooden self and this role would have been acted better by someone like Leo DiCaprio or even Ben Affleck.

Bright Lights

The last time I saw Cillian Murphy was in ‘A Quiet Place 2’ with Emily Blunt. It was great to see them reuniting under Christopher’s direction. I thought Cillian gave a stable and well rounded performance as Oppenheimer. He stayed consistently in role as a convincing scientist with a complicated situation playing on his mind.

Emily Blunt was Kitty, his wife, and showed up at key moments during the narrative. She was a league above the rest in this film. In my opinion her acting was gritty, sarcastic and utterly convincing. She is not quite up to Kate Winslet’s and Cate Blanchett’s level of chameleon transformations but she did incredibly well.

For me, Christopher needs a Best Director Oscar and Cillian a Best Actor nod. Emily should at very least pick up a Best Supporting Actress as she was limited by the fact her character was only in about half an hour of the film.

Squirming In My Seat

The moment they tested the bomb I winced. The idea that they went ahead and blew up something – even though they didn’t know if it would set the atmosphere alight and destroy the whole world – startles me. I cowered in my seat when the painfully bright light shone across New Mexico and was later followed up by an ear-splitting bang.

The subject matter was very sad in that this development in history led to the awful destruction of two Japanese cities. It also led to the Cold War. Was it necessary?

Despite the subject being very gritty, the Oppenheimer movie itself was cleverly written, expertly directed and powerfully acted. Go see this magnificent film now!

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Two TV Shows I Am Enjoying

Always looking for entertaining TV shows, I thought it would be fun to share a couple that I am currently loving. I watch all sorts of dramas and comedies and sometimes documentaries as well as films on TV streaming services. Today I am talking about two TV shows that are keeping me hooked for different reasons.

I am enough of a TV fan to pay for lots of streaming apps that I dip into all of the time. I use Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, Netflix, Now TV, Paramount Plus and Amazon Prime. It sounds like a lot but I treat myself to these and definitely get a lot out of watching them.

And Just Like That (Season 2)

Having been a regular viewer of the excellent ‘Sex and the City’ series back in the 90s, I was always going to try the new incarnation. Already on its second season, the revamp of SITC is already a hit.

Seeing Carrie Bradshaw going through midlife challenges alongside her trusty friends is satisfying. Instead of writing a column for a newspaper, she is now a successful podcast contributor and novelist.

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is back with Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and some new mates. Miranda is getting to grips with being bisexual and struggling to negotiate a separation from Steve. Meanwhile, Charlotte is parenting two teenagers who keep her on her feet.

The storylines have been varied and funny. I have laughed out loud at some scenes and had teary eyes during the dramatic parts.

The Bear (Season 1)

This fast-paced show is about a chef who has taken on the family business, an American diner, after his brother died. Having worked in a top class restaurant in Copenhagen, Carmen (Jeremy White) leads a great cast in a programme about competition, survival and family ties.

Sydney (Ayo Edebiri) comes on as second-in-charge but as a young chef she finds it hard to win over a long standing cook. The interaction between the characters is believable and interesting, with heightened emotions coupled with kitchen disasters and moments of silliness.

I feel like I am learning about the fine art of cooking while also gobbling up plenty of drama with every episode. The acting is strong and the half hour instalments are really gripping.

The series is edgy as the restaurant, called BEEF, often has breakages which result in inventive money raising. For instance a fridge condenser needs repairing and so the owner’s cousin decides to sell drugs in order to fix the fridge and get the place on track.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t tried either of these programmes, you definitely should. The Bear is on Disney Plus and was nominated for awards. It will be back with its second series on 19th July.

And Just Like That has returned with great storylines and plenty of tongue-in-cheek humour. It is well worth checking out on Now TV or Sky.

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Yellowjackets Review

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on a massive Paramount TV production. This TV series has just concluded its second season on Paramount Plus and is due a third season. If you are looking for something exciting and quirky to watch, read ahead for my ‘Yellowjackets’ review.

What’s it all about?

When a group of girl soccer players were involved in a 1990s plane crash, they made their home in an abandoned hut in the forest. Yellowjackets follows their story as they tried to survive, while also showing them as grown ups in the present day.

To begin with, the flashbacks are quite short but as the seasons go on, we see more and more. The characters include a quirky carer, a politician, a cult leader and a troubled mum of a teenage girl. As we track each personality we explore how messed up their lives are. The time spent in the wilderness certainly had a lot to do with that.

Strong Characters

Melanie Lynskey (Heavenly Creatures) plays the mum and wife at the centre of this story. Her husband was dating her friend when they first got together and they have a difficult history. She is distracted by an artist who tempts her to have an affair. At the same time she will do anything to stop people find out the tragic things that her friends got up to whilst stranded in the forest.

Misty is a carer who is less than conventional, played by Christina Ricci, who is known for her role as Wednesday Addams in the 1990s films. She is hilarious in this role, with her quirkiness and good intentions. The young version of her is very believable as are the other teenage actors.

Juliet Lewis plays Natalie who is a hardened drinker that stirs things up. She went through a lot in the wilderness and discovers a suicide of a guy she was close to as a teenager. Getting back together with the Yellowjackets, her character is edgy and willing to do what it takes to protect her friends.

In A Nutshell

This is an exciting TV show that is filled with adventure and emotions. I love the combination of danger and humour. One minute I am belly laughing and the next I am freaked out. Yellowjackets is not for the feint hearted as there are some fairly gruesome scenes. Nonetheless it is probably my number one TV programme at the moment and I cannot wait for its return.

Final Thoughts

I can totally recommend this show to you. It is full of intrigue, drama and laugh-out-loud moments. The acting is great and the narrative is very twisted, with lots of unpredictable events. You will find the first two series on Paramount Plus, which is accessible through Amazon Prime with an additional payment.

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