Looking Hopeful

So what is there to be hopeful about? Where do we go from here? 2021 is our big chance to not only reset things but also, importantly, to move forward positively. Easier said than done. Having had time to get my thoughts together, I have decided there are two things that are really motivating me this year. One is writing, as I certainly haven’t lost the bug. The other is sharing the love for our wonderful planet and helping to promote ways to reverse climate change. Both of these things are markedly optimistic and require effort.

Having studied geography for my degree and finding it fascinating, it is something that really gathers my attention and travelling to see natural wonders of the planet such as the glaciers of Scandinavia, I have seen for myself just how fragile our world really is. I also know that each one of us is responsible for climate degradation and shrinking ecosystems. I hope that my blogging about this topic can keep it fresh in my readers’ attentions. Perhaps there is a possibility that my writing can reflect the magical nature of our wildlife and scenery and help to get people thinking about just how fragile those incredible elements can be.

Without a doubt I love fiction. Especially contemporary fiction. This year I shall be publishing my very first full novel, which will be in a YA format and explores a range of issues, within a setting of a pair of teenagers who are tormented by a spooky old farm house. The story explores the modern family dynamic and the angst of friendship alongside mental health issues, loss and the impact dementia has on older loved ones. I really hope that my readership are drawn into this story with its layers of struggle, romance and adventure.

Alongside this, I have been writing on Wattpad over the Christmas period about a TV extra who got into a pickle whilst filming a festive movie on the beach in summer, dressed as an elf. This reminded me of my own experience as an Extra, something that I hope to return to in my spare time, after lockdown subsides.

On a departure from this, I have been slowly writing a crime drama set in a Yorkshire village where corruption sits uncomfortably alongside a seemingly laid back community where, in fact, ruptures are gradually occurring and retaliations are definitely ready to unfold.

I hope that everyone can find a positive way forward in these peculiar times. Join me in a world of fiction and share my journey into new genres and narratives that are meant to distract, entertain and make you smirk.

Checking in.

So how is everything going?

It feels as though Corona is never going to dissipate. But hopefully that hasn’t quelled our creativity. We know that life has changed and lots of people are missing the crazy casual lifestyles that we used to enjoy. However, some things may have made a positive impact.

The original lockdowns made us stop and take check of our lives. More people have started to engage with their neighbours. Often these are people we hardly had any dealing with in the past. Some might say we have reinstalled a sense of community. This is one aspect of post-lockdown life which I for one consider hugely beneficial. So many previously lonely or ignored people are now feeling valued and safer, knowing the people that live near them will check on them and show appreciation for them.

One of my passions is making people more aware of environmental issues and it would seem that less people flying around may be having a positive impact by reducing pollution. People have realised that you don’t have to travel to Europe for a meeting any longer as everyone can log in over Zoom instead. This prevents the need for flights and hotels and additional business costs. At the same time it cuts back air miles and the related devastation caused by the carbon emissions high in the atmosphere.

On another note, the ‘new normal’ seems to have brought about even more creativity and many have had to think of different and interesting ways to tell stories, show shows and generally continue to entertain. From drive-through theatre and live comedy to socially distanced filming, the industry has tried hard to combat hazards thrown in its path.

For writers though, it has seen a large audience of home workers with a few extra minutes in the day that once were spent driving to and from work. Apparently this has led to more book sales and a re-emerging obsession with fiction. I hope that this has given some support and reassurance to my friends and colleagues in the literary industry.

So yes….. times are tough. But still, players gotta play and writers gotta write.

Theatre is the one thing I miss most.