Love Hard – A Cheesy Review

I am a sucker for a Christmas movie and this particular Netflix film appeared on my suggestions as well as on another blog, so it soon got added to my Watchlist. Starring the love interest from ‘Never Have I Ever’ and a few others that I didn’t recognise, I thought it would be worth checking out.

The film involved a writer who was usually producing articles about dates that had gone wrong. Her matches were commonly random and included guys who came 20th in competitions like ‘The Batchelor’. One thing that her boss could count on was good content based on a string of failed dates.

Anyway, she finally met someone who was charming, clever and matched her personality, as well as being ruggedly handsome. So she took a chance and flew to Lake Placid to stay with him and his family at Christmas time.

The only problem was… she had been catfished.

With a Christmas backdrop and tones of red and green all over the sets, this very cheesy film was sweet, silly and heart-warming. If you are looking for some easy viewing then this is a good story to hook up with.

Starring Nina Dobrev, Jimmy O Yang and Darren Barnet, this exploration of festive dating is pure fun. I found it perfect for whiling away a few hours on a cold Saturday morning. So if you are happy with a bit of cheese and some cuteness rolled into one and slathered with laughs, then check it out.

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Look Up – A Poem

My favourite festive movie.

Seeing the movie ‘Last Christmas’ advertised on Netflix brought back the memories of this wonderful film. It was written by the brilliant Emma Thompson and a girl I went to school with (although she was a few years below me) called Bryony. Anyway, one thing I enjoyed about the movie was the positive references by Henry Golding to the phrase ‘Look Up’.

Today, this inspired a poem by me:

Don’t look down,

Look Up!

Don’t delay,

Look Up!

Do something fun,

Move on!

Try a new hobby,

Go on!

Roll with the new,

Let it flow!

Take a chance,

You never know!

Find your happiness,

Just glow!

Forget the negatives,

And you will grow!