Marry Me – Movie Review

I know it has just been Valentine’s Day and romance was in the air but that wasn’t the reason I decided to try the new Jennifer Lopez film. Being someone who likes comedy, dramas and big budget movies, I still have a soft spot for a cheeky Rom-Com now and again. My friend and I have gone to see almost every single J-Lo movie in the past and have never come out complaining. So, we were going to watch this film, no matter what!

Normally I like really deep and clever scripts, so this may seem a departure from the bookish films I often talk about. However, I also like cheesy stuff. For point of record, this movie stemmed from a comic book which was popular ten years ago. Going back to the cheesy bit, this picture feels like it is going to be oozing cheese sauce, but it has some brilliant nuances. I would go as far as to say it yielded a strong message.


Jennifer played a pop star (Kat) who was going to publicly marry another singer at a huge event, screened across the world. A twist caused her to find she had different options, mainly the appearance of a charming teacher (Charlie), played by the brilliant Owen Wilson. The chemistry between these two was lovely and very funny. Owen seems to have bounced back onto the screen recently, with a starring role in the Loki series on Disney too.

The story is about trying to go against expectation. A situation leads to a marriage which is unwanted but also creates great publicity. Kat was a believable character who was fed up with being used. She was starting to see beyond branding, selfies and non-stop documenting of her daily routine.


One thing that stood out was the soundtrack, which I later found myself downloading. The songs were catchy and modern with J-Lo showing off her voice and talent. The script was unpredictable (although one key idea was easy to see through to its conclusion) with funny elements and plenty of self-reflection by the characters. Supported by John Bradley (Game of Thrones) as her manager, Kat really explored what is actually important and what’s facade.

Apparently it was the most watched movie on Valentine’s Day but I went the day after. This movie was just the right amount of sweet, with a twist or two to make it worthwhile. If you want something to make you feel good, then try this. For a review of the last film I saw, click my write up of Belfast.

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Why is Disney so fascinating?

When I was little I wrote to Disney magazine and asked if I could work for them. The response was a lovely letter and some really cute Disney character transfers, which helped me get over their subtle rejection. Many years after that I am still incredibly impressed by what Disney has achieved and the fact that the company keeps reflecting and building upon what Walt originally established.

Imaginative teams create these lasting delights.

From animated movies to TV series and documentaries, Disney has a way of making stories that entertain while asking questions, challenging perceptions and allowing viewers a great deal of escapism. I feel as though this is turning out like an advertisement but really I wanted this article to draw attention to some small Disney Plus programmes which focus on different aspects of the Disney organisation.

The little documentaries that I enjoy most are the ‘Disney Insider’ short programmes which are roughly 20 minutes long each. They give insights into the making of new Disney projects and behind the scenes at some of the most famous attractions at the theme parks. From finding out how animations are made to learning about some of the delicacies available at Disney Land, these shows have segments about all sorts of things.

Disney owns ABC television and produces books, toys and all sorts of audio output as well as theatre shows and cruises. So there is plenty for the Insider shows to cover and I look forward to what they choose to celebrate next. Within the Disney umbrella is Pixar too and they have a similar show called ‘Inside Pixar’ which allows us inside the amazing Pixar studios and provides us with extra details about their story making and creative processes.

History of Disney

As well as these little insights, there is also a documentary about how Walt started everything off and began to put together a team to design and visualise. ‘The Imagineering story’ tells us how his visions were translated into films, theme parks and a Disney culture. A group of elite artists, called Imagineers, have been coming up with ideas and concepts that have underpinned the Disney narrative ever since Walt got them started.

To add to this, a series of programmes about how some of the best known attractions came into existence is also available on the Disney Plus platform. ‘Behind the Attractions’ is great because it takes us on the journey from inception to opening day for features such as ‘It’s a Small World’ and ‘Star Tours.’ I especially loved learning about how the hotels developed over the years and the introduction of the monorail.

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Harry Potter – A Reunion To Watch

Today I noticed that the well publicised onscreen reunion of the Harry Potter cast was already showing on NowTV (HBO Max in the US). Straight away, I turned it on and was keen to see what it involved. Beginning with a cute opening sequence involving some of the big stars, I was totally ready to go down Diagonal Alley again and be completely absorbed in the world of Hogwarts and wizardry.

Without giving anything away, I can say that this programme was largely filmed at the Harry Potter Tour location in Watford. Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint were joined by various other actors and directors to sit around and chat about the experience of making these fantastic movies. For me it was a reminder of my own visit to the studio tour back in 2012, making me want to go once again.

Some of the insights into the filming of all eight films were fascinating and quite revealing. Many recollections were emotional too. Sadly some important cast members have passed away since filming. In particular, Richard Harris (Dumbledore) and Alan Rickman (Snape).

Worth Watching

Seeing Chris Columbus talk about how he started the movie franchise off and seeing snippets of the auditions from the main cast was intriguing for me as an avid viewer. Each director gave a different piece of magic to the films and guest actors added sparkle and energy. The first films were very light and as the movies developed the material got darker, as Emma, Rupert and Daniel grew up.

I was moved to tears by this lovely programme. It was really well put together and brought back so many memories from the incredible books and the magical movies. I was sad that Maggie Smith, Imelda Staunton and Michael Gambon didn’t appear in this reunion, as they were very important to the franchise and were among my personal favourites.

I totally recommend checking out this TV show as it really brings back the wonder of the characters and storylines which J K Rowling initially created in 1996. The actors provide interesting recollections and funny anecdotes. It is a visual treat and made me want to start watching the movies over again (for the umpteenth time).

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