Edinburgh – A Historic City

With the sad news of Queen Elizabeth’s death leading to her body being held in St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, I was reminded of my first visit to this wonderful city, back in April. Having not blogged about it, I decided that now was an appropriate time to share my thoughts of this ancient city.

There is something fascinating about these old streets.
A modern shopping centre.

As soon as I arrived at Edinburgh Waverley station I wanted to look around. I noticed a gin festival close to the station and was intrigued by the deep gully that divided one side of the city from the other. After dropping off my bags, I took a walk up to Calton Hill, which was incredibly steep but the views were rewarding.

Nelson Monument
On top of Calton Hill

Although it was raining, I enjoyed walking around the old monuments, including the National Monument with its twelve pillars and the Nelson Monument, as seen above. You will also find the City Observatory in the same place.

As I was only in Edinburgh for three nights, I wanted to squeeze in as much as possible. Of course, the evenings were spent tasting Scottish whiskey and exploring local pubs and eateries.

The Dome, Edinburgh

My first delicious meal was at The Dome and its menu was mouth-watering. I went for the fish dish with asparagus and had a very tasty creme brûlée for pudding.

Edinburgh had an intriguing spirit and was really welcoming, with its colourful cobbled streets, charming scenery and remnants of culture everywhere. It is also built on two hills, so walking around it really gets the blood flowing. My legs were aching each morning but the experience was amazing.

Adored this pudding.

This was just the start of my Edinburgh adventure and I have recalled how perfect Edinburgh is as a venue for bookish people in my guest post ‘Why is Edinburgh a reader’s dream?’ which I recently posted on The Grumpy Olive Blog.

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Things I miss about the 1980s

As an eighties kid, the recent series of Stranger Things has made me really nostalgic. Here are some of my fave things from the 1980s:

  • BMX bikes (I was literally attached to mine)
  • Telephones with dials that were plugged in with bendy wire
  • Phone boxes which we actually used
  • shell suits
  • cassette tapes which were played on Walkmans
  • the lack of internet and the need to actually be on time (no texting for being late)
  • cars that had chokes that were pulled out enthusiastically to help the engines splutter into life
  • VHS tapes for watching videos in incredibly poor quality
  • Overhead projectors (with wipeable sheets)
  • Cheap, plastic fly curtains that blew in the wind and never really kept the flies out on a hot day

What are your favourite things about the 1980s? Let me know in the comments. If you are too young to remember, then what are the 1980s things that intrigue you the most?

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