Poorly With Covid – Poem

A year ago I got my first bout of Covid and I hated it. Weirdly, almost exactly a year later I contracted it again. I was hoping to say it was less impactful the second time around but in truth it totally wiped me out. Here is my brief poem about this irony, entitled ‘Poorly With Covid.’

Last March I was poorly with Covid,

I gradually pushed it away.

Last week it sneaked up upon me,

With a cough and a sneaze on Friday.

Last time you made me feel awful,

Like a horrible flu you consumed.

This week you wiped me out altogether,

And the horrible headaches resumed.

I am surprised it was so bad this time round,

Though my last jab was in 2021.

Mind you, I don’t know what’s expected,

It was never gonna be that much fun.

So, yes, Covid still has a presence,

It’s spreading again in the spring.

But give me a break until next March at least

Or they’ll be calling me THE COVID KING.


Final Thoughts

This was slightly different to my usual style as I don’t normally write such long lines when I rhyme. I just woke up and wrote it but hopefully it made sense. There is something cathartic about writing a poem straight out, without overthinking it or endless editing. That is the way that I prefer to write.

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TV Shows I Like

I am always looking out for new TV shows to get sucked into. To be honest, lately I have been struggling to even come close to keeping up with them. Is it me or has the quality of TV dramas gone up significantly this year? There are certainly loads of well written programmes to choose from.

A few series have not lived up to my expectations but I am not going to waste time talking about them. Today I want to share a few TV series that have kept me coming back for more. These little gems are full of good acting, clever scripts and moments of hilarity.

This is Going to Hurt (BBC)

Having read one of Adam Kay’s books before, I knew that this new show was likely to be brilliant. Tracing the ups and downs of the life of a newly qualified doctor, this show hasn’t disappointed. Starring Ben Wishaw, of Mary Poppins Returns fame, and with guest appearances by Harriet Walter, this funny seven week show is really superb.

This story follows the main character, based on the author of the book, who has to somehow balance a busy schedule, demanding mother and fed up boyfriend. His shifts get extended while his boss breathes down his neck and his student doctor seems to know how to pull his strings.

The pace is quick and the jokes are slick. Some moments are heartbreaking, demonstrating how harrowing working in a short staffed NHS hospital can be. It also highlights how easy it can be to make a mistake that can impact massively on people’s lives.

Servant (Apple TV Plus)

Yes, I know! I am very late to the party with this one. Currently on season three, this spooky but fascinating story is full of intrigue, bazaar moments and fun.

The first time I heard about it was when Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter films) was doing some publicity for it the other week. Realising I was missing out on something, I searched it out and started watching it right away.

With half an hour episodes this narrative explores a reasonably well-off New York couple who have recently lost their child. The wife is a TV reporter who pretends that a doll is her dead son. Her husband, uncomfortable with this pretence, comes up with new recipes to publicise on social media. He has a great sarcasm about him and becomes increasingly freaked out by the arrival of a new nanny.

The fact that they have a nanny at all for a doll is weird enough. Rupert plays the reporter’s brother who is always dropping round and drinks wine continuously. He is perfect for this role where he suspects the maid of wrong doing and makes it his mission to expose her.

I am still watching series one but absolutely love this show. It is the right amount of dark, mysterious and silly.

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