Lazy Days – Poem

A view from the lake I always walk around.

Watching TV in the day,

Reading books and thinking,

Chilling out and making mess,

Splashing puddles, sinking.

Having not a care today,

Doing what I want,

Writing emails, catching up,

Not bothered by the font.

Receiving a letter promising a fortune,

Ripping it up with glee,

Appreciating things I found,

Momentos from my history.

Holiday photos from days gone by,

Cheering up my day,

I really needed a lazy time,

And that time is today.

5 Simple Things You Can Do Everyday To Be Happy

This is a concise, uplifting article which I really needed today. Have a look and hopefully you will find a simple way to be happy. This blog is always refreshing and well worth checking out.

Happiness is a term that means different things for everyone. To some people, being happy might mean having the latest iPhone or other technological …

5 Simple Things You Can Do Everyday To Be Happy

Take A Moment – A Poem

Take in your surroundings.

Take a breath,

Catch a breeze,

Sigh a refreshing sigh,

Notice the leaves fall from the trees.

Open your eyes,

Listen, don’t merely hear,

Use all your senses,

Laugh, cry and have no fear.

Show your feelings,

Let them out.

Enjoy the moment,

Have no doubt.

Sleep a deep sleep,

Run through puddles.

Embrace your friends

With endless cuddles.