Arguing for Arguing’s Sake

Recently I have noticed people arguing more and more for the sake of it. Here are my thoughts about this:

Whatever you believe, however strongly you feel about something,

Not everybody views and feels the same as you.

You may try and twist their arm, using powers of persuasion,

But everyone has the right to view and feel differently.

We don’t have to start fights about viewpoint,

It is easy to listen and show understanding.

There is no need to force your opinion on somebody,

So long as both sides get to be heard.

When one side shouts loudest, it doesn’t mean they are the only ones right,

There are two sides to every story and two people beneath opposing views.

Cannot we work alongside each other without the pressure to all follow one route?

Cannot we all debate and discuss without dictating and taking sides?

You can be friends with everyone and anyone, no matter their views on society or lifestyle.

Here’s to an accepting world. A peaceful one. A less argumentative humanity.

Trump Tales

So where does this visit from Mr T leave us as a nation?

He has been ceremoniously welcomed at Blenheim Palace by Busby guards and a brass band, having kept Teresa May waiting on the parade ground. He has had breakfast meetings at Chequers and a royal welcome from the Queen at Windsor. In everything but the title, this has very much been a state visit.

In a newspaper article the orange man has criticised the premier’s decision over Brexit and suggested that would reduce the number of trade deals America would do with us. Additionally he has called Boris Johnson a friend and asserted that he would make a great Prime Minister.

After this he has held hands with Teresa as they climbed the steps to Blenheim and went on to speak about her with charm and suggest the special relationship is still strong. Such confusing statements. So contrary and uncomplimentary. What does he truly think?

Well he has now gone to enjoy a weekend at his Turnberry golf course in Scotland. Ignorant of the many protests that seem to be happening around him, he carries on, assuming that the British approve of his policies on the whole. He has done a good job of looking like he is enjoying himself.

What do you reckon about Trump’s visit to Britain?

Trump Britain

Elegant and showered in glory,

Trump is met by the leading Tory.

Landing here with a load of pomp,

Protestors give one muffled stomp.

Unaware of such outrage,

Trump arrives on the Stansted stage,

He carries on to his Embassy,

Where things outside are fairly messy.

As he helicopters away,

Much to their dismay,

The crowds outside,

Do not subside.

To a great fanfare,

That is beyond compare,

He meets Teresa,

Keen to please ‘er,

At a lavish banquet,

Announced with trumpet,

Bleinheim Palace is full,

Of Trump and bull…