Things That Make Me Happy – Poem

There are many things that make me happy and I wanted to put them into a poem.

Movie nights and popcorn,

Make me feel complete.

I love watching a cheesy film,

With something nice to eat.

Being in the countryside,

Surrounded by plants and trees.

Sipping on a milkshake,

A fondue full of cheese.

Splashing in a puddle,

Laughing at my friends.

Sharing in some gossip,

Tying up loose ends.

Chewing on a donut,

While coffee is flowing free,

These are things that certainly,

Satisfy me.

Crunching through a field of snow.

Snuggled by a fire.

Playing games and music playing,

All things I desire.

Listening to podcasts,

Going for a run,

Colleagues always cheer me up,

They always make work fun.

So join me as I relish in

The people and the places.

As nothing makes me happier

Than friendly, smiling faces.

This was my short poem about things that make me happy. Today I was thinking about how wonderful my friends and family are. It made me realise how important it is that we make an effort to look for the positives in every experience we have and celebrate the people who care about us.

Bring Your Own Weather

The weather always tells a story,

Sometimes shining full of glory,

Other times it clouds us over

Makes us gloomy and, moreover,

Brings that sticky kind of air,

Darkens our lives but should we care?

We won’t let the weather dictate,

The way we live and shroud us with hate,

Let’s give some love whatever the weather,

Embrace the storms and hail and never

Get bogged down in doom and gloom,

When sunny smiles can fill any room.

Who needs sunshine every day?

If jokes and laughter help us stay

Positive and on the go,

Let’s look forward to winter snow,

Celebrate our wondrous weather,

And if the sun does come, well… whatever.

We don’t need a sunny day to make us happy anyway.

Cloudy skies don’t dampen good times. They merely enhance them.