Christmas Movies I adore

Today I felt like sharing some of the movies that most make me feel Christmassy. Throughout my life I have seen various films over and over again that have had that festive vibe. In the last few years a few cheeky additions have snuck in too.

So let me know if you agree with any of these or you have your own movies that relate to Christmas joy.

Here goes… (in no particular order)

1) Home Alone 2

2) Mart Poppins (the stuff of legends)

3) The Snowman (short but sweet and anthemic)

4) Santa Claus: The Movie (the one with Dudley Moore)

5) Office Christmas Party (because of Jennifer Aniston)

6) The Polar Express

7) The Holiday (Kate Winslet)

8) The Christmas Chronicles (Goldie Hawn)

9) Love Actually (Emma Thompson)

10) Last Christmas (again Emma Thompson)

I wonder what your Christmas favourites might be.

Jungle Cruise Review

This morning I created a quick YouTube review of the new Disney movie, ‘Jungle Cruise’ which stars Emily Blunt, The Rock and Jack Whitehall.

In short, I was intrigued by this movie as it was based on a well-known Disney ride. Disney movies are always fun but lately some have lost their flavours a bit. Cruella recently impressed me and so I was hopeful with this movie too. Check out my YouTube for my thoughts on the matter.

Movies that were Books

This week I have been tagged to answer eight questions linked to books that were turned into movies or TV shows. I thought this was an interesting subject and so was keen to get started. However a few of the questions really made me scratch my head.

It was easy to find books that have been made into brilliant films. However, I have not found any films that outshine the novels that preceded them.

I often find myself reading a novel and visualising it on the big screen. Regularly I cast actors in my head who I believe would do a book justice if it were adapted.

Kindly check out my video and perhaps even subscribe to my channel if you like what you hear.