Christmas Party – Poem

We all need a dance

To let our hair down,

A night to unwind,

To spin round and round.

To knock back a drink

And have a good laugh.

Have plenty of cheer,

Get to know our own staff.

Covid is dulling,

Some parts of our lives,

But we still need to socialise,

But just realise…

That some won’t feel happy,

In joining in with these nights

We have to respect them,

They’re within own their rights.

Freedom Day? Really, UK?

The party may not lead to happiness.

You may call it Freedom Day,

But Covid hasn’t gone away,

A lot of people still shall suffer,

And all this means is less to buffer.

Thousands rushed to nightclubs to dance,

Ripped off masks and took others’ chance,

Of actual freedom away in a flash,

Merely by acting so selfish and rash.

We need to look after each other dear friends,

Or this situation won’t tie up loose ends,

Let’s be a little less quick to party and chill,

For some, Covid matters and some it may still kill.