Building a Podcast – Early Days

I have always enjoyed trying out new things and have been wanting to start a podcast for ages. I experimented last year by recording some of my short stories using a podcast app and then trying to review some books and films. But I originally didn’t give myself enough time and life took over.

Now I am determined to have another go. This time I will slowly but surely establish a basic podcast about my thoughts on entertainment, current affairs and the environment. Hopefully I will engage some listeners and be able to discuss books and TV shows in more detail than on my blog and offer some blogging tips too.

Episode 2

This week I mention a thrilling IMDB TV/ Amazon drama based on the Alex Ryder books. I also talk about a short, but impressive, book called ‘State of the Union.’ My intention is to discuss each subject in a bitesize chunk so you can skip through to one that interests you.

If you are a new blogger then maybe my weekly tips for developing your blog will be handy. I would love for people to add comments to each episode with their own ideas about the things that I review as well as their tips for helping a blog to flourish.

Here is this week’s short podcast:

JamieAdStories Episode 2

Please check it out and drop a comment to help me get a conversation going. I appreciate anyone taking the time to help me get started. Please also consider following my blog for content about books, entertainment and the environment.

Podcast – Starting Again

After experimenting with short podcasts last year, I have decided to go for it this year and start to try and build a podcast that compliments this little blog. Having already tried Youtube (which made me feel shy) I am definitely more enthusiastic about recording podcasts. So here I am with my reviewing podcast starting again.

In line with the blog, I want to keep discussing books and entertainment, with regular reviews and commentary. I also want to keep being real to myself and mentioning things that matter to me. One such topic is climate change which I will drip feed into my podcast episodes when appropriate.

It is hard to establish a new podcast so I would really appreciate if you would consider giving up a minute of your time to boost my first episode. Also feel free to give me some honest feedback in the podcast comments or below this blog post. I want to learn how to make a podcast that is relatable and enjoyable. Feel free to make suggestions.

Although I don’t have much technology, I think I can get across some good messages and share some interesting reviews, starting this week with a brilliant book set in wartime Amsterdam and a TV show about a woman trying to escape from a toxic relationship. I also intend to mention some blogging tips that I have come across as I have developed my blog, hoping that some of you may find them useful.

Have a listen:

JamieAdStories – Episode 1 – Jamie-Back in the Habit

Thank you for reading this and supporting my blog. For another intriguing book review, click here. I appreciate everyone helping me to establish a podcast alongside my other writing projects.

Podcast Beginnings

Last week I mentioned that I wanted to try and establish a little podcast to supplement my blog. Starting with short episodes, I am exploring how to get across some of the content that I want to cover. Hopefully as time goes by I will end up with a format that works comfortably.

In this second episode I review the Dune movie as well as discussing my initial thoughts on the Glasgow Summit. Also I talk about two books that I am currently reading. One is a non-fiction book by Matt Haig and another is a collection of short stories by Joanne Harris.

Please check out my podcast, even if just for a minute and help me get it off the ground. It is nerve-wracking putting your thoughts on tape but I am very excited to do it.