Podcast Beginnings

Last week I mentioned that I wanted to try and establish a little podcast to supplement my blog. Starting with short episodes, I am exploring how to get across some of the content that I want to cover. Hopefully as time goes by I will end up with a format that works comfortably.

In this second episode I review the Dune movie as well as discussing my initial thoughts on the Glasgow Summit. Also I talk about two books that I am currently reading. One is a non-fiction book by Matt Haig and another is a collection of short stories by Joanne Harris.

Please check out my podcast, even if just for a minute and help me get it off the ground. It is nerve-wracking putting your thoughts on tape but I am very excited to do it.

Podcast Opener – Books, Entertainment, Eco

So today is the day that I wanted to start trying to make a podcast for real. I have toyed with this idea before and experimented, but now I am going to make sure that it happens. I am excited to link my little podcast with my blog and hope that some of my lovely readers will try it out at some point.

I want to share my love of books and eventually get to the point where I can collaborate with other writers and bloggers. For me, the blog and podcast are passions of mine and so hopefully, with feedback, I will be able to make them work together as time goes on.

Hopefully some of you will be interested enough to listen to a couple of minutes of my first episode and boost my first week. It is available on most platforms, including Apple, Spotify and Anchor.

My Podcast – Starting Again

A while ago I experimented with a podcast and I really enjoyed it but I lost momentum due to pandemic distractions. Now I have decided to give it another go as I found it fun and therapeutic. I wonder if any of you would be interested in listening to my upcoming broadcasts.

So far I have kept the episodes chatty, talking about books, theatre, movies and current affairs. As well as readings from my stories, I love talking about the environment too. All of these elements are in bite size chunks.

Here is the trailer for my podcast, with some thoughts about what I will try and cover. Hopefully it may engage your interest. I will be making my first episode this week.