Podcast Days

So today sees the release of my third little podcast episode where I chat about books, entertainment and anything else that catches my thoughts.

I intend to eventually produce a longer podcast, but during these busy times I am keeping the episodes short. It is fun to discuss things that interest me and I hope they might also intrigue some of you wonderful blog readers too.

Episode 3

This week I talk about Squid Game, one of my fave authors and the onset of Christmas spirit.

Podcast Opener – Books, Entertainment, Eco

So today is the day that I wanted to start trying to make a podcast for real. I have toyed with this idea before and experimented, but now I am going to make sure that it happens. I am excited to link my little podcast with my blog and hope that some of my lovely readers will try it out at some point.

I want to share my love of books and eventually get to the point where I can collaborate with other writers and bloggers. For me, the blog and podcast are passions of mine and so hopefully, with feedback, I will be able to make them work together as time goes on.

Hopefully some of you will be interested enough to listen to a couple of minutes of my first episode and boost my first week. It is available on most platforms, including Apple, Spotify and Anchor.