Read, Watch, Listen

I wanted to try something different today and talk about three different types of media in one post. As you know I love to soak up TV shows and try to read plenty of books all of the time. I also really enjoy listening to podcasts. So it makes sense for me to drop some recommendations now and again.

Today I wanted to start sharing one of each. In this article I will mention three things that I am currently really into. Most days I read a few chapters from a book, listen to a section of a podcast and watch a couple of TV shows. Here are the ones I am loving right now.


This Much is True – Miriam Margolyes

Ever since I saw her popping up as an actress in movies such as the Baz Luhrman version of Romeo and Juliet, I have found Miriam fascinating. She then appeared in a documentary called, ‘The Real Marigold Hotel’ with other celebrities who were exploring India. This series went on for a few years and allowed us to get to know her as a person.

Her hilarious stories and brash way with people made her comedy gold. She has since presented more documentaries on her own which were eye-opening and interesting.

So as soon as I saw that she had written an autobiography, I instantly bought it. Already I am loving it because she maintains her wit whilst reflecting on her interesting childhood and career.

I am still part of the way through this book but every time I pick it up I learn something new and have a giggle too.


Outer Range – Amazon Prime

I was drawn to this when I saw it advertised on an instagram account for Imogen Poots. She is a wonderful actress who I was lucky enough to see on stage with Imelda Staunton in ‘Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf’. After this performance I got her autograph and had a lovely chat with her and she came across as very genuine and charming.

Anyway, after checking out the trailer I was quickly keen to have a look at this brand new series set in Western USA. Josh Brolin is the other lead actor in this really intriguing drama. I last saw him in a Kate Winslet movie called ‘Labour Day’. where he was an escaped prisoner who shacked up with Kate.

He is the patriarch of a family in ‘Outer Range’ who are living in the middle of nowhere on a cattle ranch. One day he discovers a large, mysterious hole in one of his fields which seems to be a portal to another dimension. Autumn (played by Imogen) comes to camp in a nearby field and things start to get really weird.

Well all I can say is I was hooked right away. It started off gentle and then ramped up the tension. This one is definitely well worth checking out.


Bridgerton – The Official Podcast

As a massive Bridgerton fan I was excited to listen to the first season of this podcast where they discuss plots, characters and everything related to the making of the TV series.

Shondaland has created a brilliant podcast which includes people who work behind the scenes and cast members. In the second series they are discussing an episode a week and have all of the main actors involved. Hearing them discuss wardrobe, dance practice, set design and dialogue, I feel my need for background information is certainly fulfilled.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post about the book, TV show and podcast that I am currently consuming. For more TV recommendations check out my post, TV shows I laugh at. Please comment your thoughts and consider following my blog for future similar articles.

Building a Podcast – Early Days

I have always enjoyed trying out new things and have been wanting to start a podcast for ages. I experimented last year by recording some of my short stories using a podcast app and then trying to review some books and films. But I originally didn’t give myself enough time and life took over.

Now I am determined to have another go. This time I will slowly but surely establish a basic podcast about my thoughts on entertainment, current affairs and the environment. Hopefully I will engage some listeners and be able to discuss books and TV shows in more detail than on my blog and offer some blogging tips too.

Episode 2

This week I mention a thrilling IMDB TV/ Amazon drama based on the Alex Ryder books. I also talk about a short, but impressive, book called ‘State of the Union.’ My intention is to discuss each subject in a bitesize chunk so you can skip through to one that interests you.

If you are a new blogger then maybe my weekly tips for developing your blog will be handy. I would love for people to add comments to each episode with their own ideas about the things that I review as well as their tips for helping a blog to flourish.

Here is this week’s short podcast:

JamieAdStories Episode 2

Please check it out and drop a comment to help me get a conversation going. I appreciate anyone taking the time to help me get started. Please also consider following my blog for content about books, entertainment and the environment.

Two Entertaining Podcasts

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that it brings you everything you long for. Let’s face it, it won’t take much for the year to be at least a bit better than the previous one. Now that January has begun, I intend to read more this year and review lots of fabulous TV shows and movies. One thing I haven’t spoken about before is my love of podcasts. So today I wanted to start the year with a few entertaining podcasts that I have been listening to for quite some time.

Making The Cut Podcast

This particular podcast is produced by Entale and stars the brilliant Davina McCall and her other half, Michael Douglas (not the old guy from the movies). I have been a fan of Davina for many years and was lucky enough to meet her briefly in 2008 and get a signature and selfie. So it was a no-brainer that I would be interested when she decided to begin a new podcast about things that she liked and recommended.

It is very hard to put this podcast into a nutshell because it is so diverse. One minute her and Michael are discussing TV movies and the next they are talking about how to look after your intestines. From reviewing books and hair products to nattering about celebrities and fitness hacks (my favourite being skipping), these two wonderful presenters have built a really entertaining weekly show.

Michael is a hair stylist to the stars and originally worked with Davina twenty years ago when she began presenting Big Brother. She says they used to chat about anything and everything, which is why a podcast was a natural outcome for them. Michael alway says that they only mention things that have impressed them, so you will never hear negative reviews. In other words, they sort the wheat from the chaff.

I will admit that this podcast has influenced me greatly, causing me to start watching Ted Lasso, which they raved about. I have also followed some amazing instagrams that they have laughed over. I absolutely adore this podcast and like how they take recommendations from listeners. I often DM my ideas and they always respond warmly.

Go and check them out:

Queen Bees

Hat Trick podcasts have a fantastic podcast about bee keeping. You may think that sounds random but it is incredibly fun and presented by some very amusing ladies. Jane Horrocks and Esther Coles make weekly episodes which talk about everything ‘bee’ related as well as having general chats about whatever they have been up to. It has me laughing out loud regularly. I have to be honest – I listen to this in the bath – so people must think I am crazy giggling away in the tub.

For those who don’t know, Jane Horrocks is famous for being the star of the movie ‘Little Voice’ and acting as Bubble in ‘Absolutely Fabulous.’ Esther is an old friend of hers who has appeared in many plays and movies such as ‘Enola Holmes’ and ‘Emma’.

Listening to Jane and Esther banter as Esther opens up her beehive on a North London lot, is hilarious and educational. They invite experts in beekeeping to discuss the value of bees in nature. Bees are amazing and so vital to keeping the ecology of our world alive!

One of my favourite episodes was when Jane donned a beekeeper’s outfit to join in with the checking of the hives. Also, notable funny guests have included Vic Reeves and Paul Whitehouse.

Jane is another celebrity that I have seen in real life. I watched three of her London plays, including ‘East is East’ where I waited outside for an autograph. I look such a geek in this picture. She was so polite and chatty. It made my day!

Check out the Queen Bees podcast here:

Both of these entertaining podcasts are available on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

This lady is so funny and such a fantastic actress in serious or comedy productions.

I hope that you consider having a listen to one of these entertaining podcasts. If you enjoy my reviews, perhaps consider following my blog for future similar suggestions.