Sunday Night – A Poem

Sunday night,

Work tomorrow,

Nervous feeling,

Kind of hollow.

Sunday night,

Resting time done,

Things to sort,

No time for fun.

Sunday night,

Ironing to do,

Plans to make,

Work to look through.

Sunday night,

Struggle to sleep,

Monday looms,

Alarm soon goes ‘BEEP!’

Look Up – A Poem

My favourite festive movie.

Seeing the movie ‘Last Christmas’ advertised on Netflix brought back the memories of this wonderful film. It was written by the brilliant Emma Thompson and a girl I went to school with (although she was a few years below me) called Bryony. Anyway, one thing I enjoyed about the movie was the positive references by Henry Golding to the phrase ‘Look Up’.

Today, this inspired a poem by me:

Don’t look down,

Look Up!

Don’t delay,

Look Up!

Do something fun,

Move on!

Try a new hobby,

Go on!

Roll with the new,

Let it flow!

Take a chance,

You never know!

Find your happiness,

Just glow!

Forget the negatives,

And you will grow!