That Weekend Feeling

A short poem

As it is finally the weekend, I thought it would be fun to write a poem about how it makes me feel. This week has been particularly taxing and so this weekend couldn’t come quickly enough for me.

The trouble with weekends is that they go by too quickly and I spend a lot of time just getting ready for work, cleaning the house and catching up on lost sleep. I dream about the day when I can work two days a week and have a five day weekend. Maybe my blog will one day allow me to do this. I can but hope.

My Poem

You know it’s the weekend

When there is no alarm.

When you wake up whenever

And you feel very calm.

You know it’s the weekend

When you sit in your pants.

Watching Netflix TV shows,

Laughing loud at the bants.

You know it’s the weekend

When the weather turns bad.

After sunshine filled work days,

Rain and wind may seem sad.

You know it’s the weekend

When you prep for the week.

When you wash clothes and iron

Monday morning seems bleak.

In A Nutshell

Sometimes it feels like the weekend is just catching up on jobs time and preparation for the new working week time.

How do you know when it’s the weekend?

For a previous poem of mine, check out Heating Up – a poem about climate change. Perhaps also follow my blog for similar future articles.

Hot Weather Poem

Today I wake up to another day when the temperatures are expected to hit 30 degrees in England. Historically the average June temperature was 15 degrees in June (looking at various sources) but it appears that average is going to be overridden. Here is my hot weather poem to get you thinking about this.

Feeling warmer,

Jumpers coming off.

Bright sunny skies,

A hayfever cough.

Rivers looking lower,

Loch Ness is drying up.

Crops turning yellow,

Wondering, ‘What’s up?’

Lollies and ice creams,

Barbeques galore.

Burning campfires,

Wildfires will soar.

Sneaky UV rays

Peeling off my skin,

Forget about the causes,

Just take it on the chin.

Sunny weather,

Rain thunderous now and then.

Flash floods happening,

Dreadful yet again.

Massive cities smothered,

In dirty, choking smog.

Was it their pollution

That caused it all along?

Do we take responsibility

For the warming we create?

Or simply let it happen,

Till we’re in a right old state?

Let’s call this a wake up,

Let’s take some action right away!

We cannot simply brush it off,

Or we’ll have no planet on which to stay!

Final Thoughts

After days of choking smoke in New York, how can anyone deny climate change? The new heatwave in the UK has come sooner than last year and will no doubt cause problems, including crop destruction and water shortages… again.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my hot weather poem. I hope that you might drop a comment with your thoughts on this issue. Have a look at my Greener Spaces article and the other Climate Change Collective posts for more info on global warming and suggestions. Perhaps also follow my blog for similar future content.

Nearly Summer – Poem

I have begun to notice the temperature rise quite early this year. As it gets to 20 degrees C this weekend (in April!) it is clear that we are going to have another record breaking year. Mixed in with the warmth we have more rain than usual with an extremely wet March, according to the weather people. So my ‘Nearly Summer poem’ is a kind of warning that milder weather is not necessarily a good thing. It’s a warning.

Nearly Summer,

Feel it getting warm,

Nature awakens

And bees begin to swarm.

Spring feels different,

Windy and wet,

Hope we don’t get

Flooded quite yet.

Flowers blooming

All around,

Thunder making

A booming sound.

Still seems different,

Warm too soon.

Sometimes the rain

Feels like a monsoon.

Global warming

Less crops grow.

A very hot summer

On its way, though.

Yes it’s lovely

Weeks of fun

Basking and playing

In the burning Sun.

Nearly Summer

But it can mean


Heat stroke and water unclean.

Pipes overflowing

With sewage and grime

Sunburn and famine

For a very long time.

Enjoy your Summer,

It’s nearly here.

But remember for many

It’s a time to fear.

Thank you for reading my ‘Nearly Summer poem’. I hope that it got you thinking about how vulnerable our planet has become because of climate change. Here is a story I wrote imaging what it might be like if global warming keeps going, entitled Caused By Climate Change.