Summer Heat

Summer is here,

Off we go.

Let’s drive to the beach,

Enjoy the sun’s glow.

Boiling our blood,

Making us sweat.

Slap on some sunscreen

Then go and get wet.

Ride on a donkey,

Build castles of sand.

Hop on a boat

Or chill safely on land.

Get out and about

Eat ice cream galore,

Then find somewhere shaded

And lay down and snore.

This was my little poem about hot days. Yesterday was the hottest day of the the year so far and was incredibly uncomfortable to work in. I hope that everyone is taking care in the sun this season. For another poem, check out One Of Those Days.

One Of Those Days

Another Monday,

Busy as ever,

It isn’t funny,

It isn’t clever.

The week begins

With loads to do,

I’m always glad

To see it through.

Full of hassle

Busy with chores

Monday can be

Packed with bores.

Tomorrow’s Tuesday

Cannot wait.

Hoping for much less

On my plate.

Thank you for reading my short poem about stressful Mondays. Here is a previous poem that I wrote about the weather. Please consider following my little blog for articles about books, movies and the environment.

Things That Make Me Happy – Poem

Movie nights and popcorn,

Make me feel complete.

I love watching a cheesy film,

With something nice to eat.

Being in the countryside,

Surrounded by plants and trees.

Sipping on a milkshake,

A fondue full of cheese.

Splashing in a puddle,

Laughing at my friends.

Sharing in some gossip,

Tying up loose ends.

Chewing on a donut,

While coffee is flowing free,

These are things that certainly,

Satisfy me.

Crunching through a field of snow.

Snuggled by a fire.

Playing games and music playing,

All things I desire.

Listening to podcasts,

Going for a run,

Colleagues always cheer me up,

They always make work fun.

So join me as I relish in

The people and the places.

As nothing makes me happier

Than friendly, smiling faces.

This was my short poem about things that satisfy me. Today I was thinking about how wonderful my friends and family are. It made me realise how important it is that we make an effort to look for the positives in every experience we have and celebrate the people who care about us.