Support Environmental Education

After writing my article about the importance of teaching about Climate Change in schools, I have now started a petition to parliament.

My recommendation is for Environmental Education to be compulsory in all schools. I also think that it should be a distinct subject rather than covered in dribs and drabs under the guise of Science and Geography.

I would really appreciate it if anyone can help to get the ball rolling by signing the parliamentary petition below.

Thank you for taking time to consider this. I feel so passionately about young people being fully educated in the scope and scale of this international problem.

Climate Climax

As we approach the UN Climate Summit at the end of October in Glasgow, I wanted to make sure my posts are regularly touching on climate change. Usually I write two thirds of my posts about books and TV and one third about environmental issues. However, right now it is my mission to keep the global warming discussion going.

Bloggers get very excited about Halloween and Christmas but I hope the blogging community can also get involved in heightening knowledge about the climate. This conference will be an important opportunity for world leaders to be proactive about implementing real changes.

This Norwegian Fjord is an example of a glaciated valley. Glaciers are fast depleting because of global warming. Nature is being destroyed as pollution continues to wreck our beautiful world.

It is promising that President Biden seems to take the subject much more seriously than Trump and Boris is giving it more air time. There is still so much that needs doing to reverse the effects of pollution around the planet and only continued pressure will keep it prominent amidst a backdrop of other problems.

Why Care?

As a geographer I studied environmental transport management at University and there was a good knowledge within academic circles of what climate change meant. Predictions were made about the speed at which temperatures would raise by one degree, but now we are starting to see signs that this rate is increasing much faster, particularly around the north pole.

There are lots of mixed messages about global warming and I can see many articles about small changes that people can make. Sadly, the reality is that we need massive institutional changes. Big businesses and governments need to implement new policies and procedures NOW.

Here are some things that need dealing with urgently:

1) Rainforests need protecting, even if it means richer nations funding countries like Brazil to preserve these delicate ecosystems. If money can stop poorer countries deforesting, then so be it.

2) Incentives need to be provided to use public transport and move away from using aeroplanes so readily. Good rail and bus systems should be funded and supported so that less road and air pollution is created. Meetings should be over Zoom as much as possible, rather than journeys between nations for the sake of get togethers which could be managed online.

3) The infrastructure for electric vehicles should be boosted nationally so as to quicken up the move away from petrol and diesel.

4) Environmental Education should be compulsory in all school settings. Young people need to understand the effects of climate change and what we can do to change course. My previous article about this is here.

5) We need to change the way we think about clothing. So much energy is used in the manufacture and transportation of clothes. Fast fashion needs to end and we need to promote and encourage reusing and fixing clothes rather than changing our wardrobes every season.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this post and it has prompted some thoughts. Please comment below and consider reblogging this and other similar articles, especially during this period leading up to the Glasgow Summit.

Why Does The Environment Matter?

Somebody asked me this the other day when referring to driving. They were talking about cars and the price of them. Being an intelligent friend who I greatly respect, I was taken aback when they asked this. Of course, they meant don’t let stuff like that inform your car choice. They had weighed up the environment as a factor and decided that access to petrol pumps and affordability were much more important when choosing a new car.

Is our ignorance casting a dark shadow over the countryside?

Have you heard such comments?

It worries me that people know very well about the problems linked to the environment yet still consider them only minor considerations when they make life choices. Not just when selecting consumables, but when making actual decisions about the way they go about their lives.

What am I trying to say?

First of all I am not laying the blame on anyone at all. I am purely saying that now we are over all the uncertainty – climate change is undeniable – let’s get on with dealing with it. There will be teething problems with new initiatives such as the rollout of electric cars. We will have to sometimes spend a bit more on everyday things until changes become embedded. It will take a little effort. But we need to act now! (By the way I am not trying to be Greta Thunberg, she is doing a great job though and is well worth listening to).

It won’t be cheap to fix this problem. But we caused it.

Changes we might see and have to deal with:

– New houses need an extra power supply to be used in conjunction with a charger for an electric car.

– Homes need to be altered to environmentally sound heating using heat pumps, solar panels or simply good old electric heaters.

– Emphasis will be on locally grown foods. This may be more expensive but it has a much smaller carbon footprint as it hasn’t flown around the globe.

– Travel to work needs to be more considered. Work from home is now a real alternative to commuting long distances daily. Work meetings can be carried out on zoom, rather than involving lots of attendees flying hundreds of miles and staying in hotels.

– Fashion needs to be led by the consumers. This is something I fear we may not see happening organically but fast fashion needs to end. Fast fashion involves so much energy usage and often depends on industries in third world countries which are dependent on dirty fossil fuels. The carbon footprint in transporting clothes around is also enormous. Fingers crossed people will start to wear out and even repair their clothing instead of changing their wardrobes every few months.

Of course, I could go on for pages but I just wanted to freshen people’s minds. In a few weeks the UN Climate Summit will begin in Glasgow and it’s the perfect opportunity for politicians to make progress in pushing the issues linked to global warming. I recently wrote another article about being eco-friendly which you can read here.

With any luck you read to the end of this post and agreed with me that we need to make the environment our number one consideration from now on. Let me know what you think below and perhaps consider following my blog for similar content.