Take A Breath And Think – Poem

Today I have written a poem which is based on gut feelings. I want to encourage everyone to take a breath and use their voices at a time where sensible, level voices need to be heard over angry ones.

Take a breath and ponder,

All the crazy in the world.

The last time I thought about it,

My fingers and toes curled.

But think about it nonetheless

And try and take it in.

The world needs clever thinkers

To ensure changes can begin.

A lot of things are thoughtless

Knee jerk reactions cause most wars.

Pollution comes from thoughtlessness

Meanwhile Antarctic ice shelves thaw.

As anger drives decisions

And feelings drive divide.

You need to take a moment

And carefully decide.

Will you sit and watch the chaos

And allow for things to spin?

Or will you make a choice to fight

To turn a corner with a grin?

Only clever thinking

Will help to steady the divisions.

Political clear thinking

And some really tough decisions.

So vote for those who care

About society at large.

Don’t allow the ignorants

To easily take charge.

Think about the climate

As it steadily decays.

Use you voice and thinking

To make a difference. Don’t delay.

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Why AI Makes Me Uneasy

My Thoughts On Artificial Intelligence

Hearing Elon Musk discussing AI in his Rishi Sunak interview, I was taken aback by some of his subtle warnings. The accelerated growth of artificial intelligence in recent months has startled me and now I worry that Elon knows more than he is letting on.

The idea of unknown entities being able to access personal data doesn’t sit well with me.

In this brief piece, I want to consider a few uncertain points that alarm me now.

What’s Making Me Nervous?

Elon mentioned that in future there may be no need for jobs. People will have no need to go to work as AI will be able to do everything for us.

Let me get that straight. Nobody will need to go to work? Sounds great but also scary.

If that is the case, how do we know these robots won’t just take over the planet? Surely we will all end up obese and with little purpose. Depressed humans with nothing to do.

As well as this, who is to say that these robots won’t spread lies and turn us against each other? Much like what fake news does these days.

I cannot perceive the range of possible ways that this AI revolution could implode. So yes, Rishi and Elon, we do need to be one step in front of it. Safeguards should be put into place to make sure the whole thing cannot just steamroll us.

In A Nutshell

This subject is so massive and very current. I could go on about it all day. But these ideas of employment becoming extinct and information getting into the wrong hands are unsettling as far as I am concerned.

What are your thoughts on this controversial topic?

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Terrible Turmoil – A Poem

At this sad time, as we approach Remembrance Day, there is a new fire burning in the world. This poem is about the terrible turmoil that is boiling up currently. It is my wish for peace and stability as soon as can be arranged.

Time to remember

The wars gone by.

To buy a poppy

Ask ‘Why did they all die?’

Time for reflection,

About the world we are in.

That we can stay caring,

So no wars can begin.

But sadly, as we’re hoping

Something tragic has unfurled.

An anger that is tearing

At the middle of our world.

Discomfort and despair

have reared their ugly heads

With people from two places

Removed from their beds.

While I wish

Our nations’ politicians

Would call for peace

And not supply munitions….

I can see

A growing trouble

We need to stop this

On the double.

Final Thoughts

I am a strong believer in dealing with things by talking about them. My poem reflects my wish for peace in the world. Thank you for reading my Terrible Turmoil poem. I would appreciate your thoughts.

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