Dismal Fumes – A Poem

Frosty mornings, misty roads,

Lorries carry heavy loads.

Traffic everywhere, nose to nose,

Engines roaring, pavements closed.

Gases and fumes fill the air,

Sometimes feels like we just don’t care.

Planes fly over, pollution swirls –

From their jets, in poisonous twirls.

Watch the endless trail of smoke,

From power stations, making choke –

An atmosphere less full of wildlife,

Cut that pollution with a knife.

Energy wasted, all for nowt,

Nobody walking around and about.

Everyone sat inside cars and vans,

Time we made more Ecofriendly plans.

I wrote this poem after noticing how clogged up my city has been lately. As those working from home have been asked to get back on the road, I worry that pollution will soon be back to its normal levels. London last week had an air quality warning where people were encouraged to stay inside due to the clinging fog holding onto those traffic fumes and creating extra risks for people with asthma.

I also notice that our weather locally is steadily becoming warmer every winter. Daily temperatures of around ten degrees replace bitterly cold previous winters. Essentially in the East of England we do not see any snow any more.

As a snow lover this makes me sad and right now I can see nothing but pollution so the parallels have become increasingly visible.

Fingers crossed we will find solutions to these problems soon. Roads filled with electric cars and electricity grids powered by natural sources may well be the answer. For another of my poems please click here.

8 Ecofriendly Things You Can Do Now

We need to discuss climate change and work together to solve it.

As we reach the middle of Blogtober there is no better time to draw attention to climate change. The Climate Summit is about to begin in Glasgow and I want to see lots of blogs encourage readers to think long and hard about this important matter.

I wanted to suggest some simple changes that you can make to your everyday life. Increasingly I try hard to make changes myself. Some are small and others big. It takes effort and we all have so much to do if we really stand any chance of undoing the climate damage already done.

8 Changes You Can Make Right Now

I wonder how many of these changes you might be willing to make.

1) Have a shorter shower. Instead of spending fifteen minutes in the shower, try to do it in five. Saving water and using it appropriately is one small way to show an ecofriendly attitude to your life.

2) Walk to your local shops twice a week instead of driving to out of town retail centres. By buying local you are supporting small businesses as well as reducing your vehicle usage. You are also getting some exercise and fresh air.

3) Encourage your children to walk or cycle to school instead of driving them there. Having studied this particular aspect of transport I could write a whole article just about this.

More people walking to school and work would make the streets feel safer and reduce the pollution and road traffic accidents which relate to local vehicle use at peak time.

4) Add more plants to your garden. We are losing our wildlife rapidly, as highlighted on today’s national news. By planting a small tree, some shrubs and a few extra plants, you can help to green up your locality. Even better, perhaps have a go at creating a vegetable patch.

5) Change your holiday plans. Swap one of your aeroplane getaways for one that you get to by rail or sea. I started doing this in 2014 and haven’t looked back. Also take the opportunity to explore your own wonderful country. I still have so many places I want to visit in Scotland and Wales.

6) Ignore fast fashion trends. Consider wearing clothes until they are worn out or repairing them as they fray. The fashion industry uses a lot of energy and creates a lot of waste.

The industry works on seasons and introduces new selections regularly. We need to resist buying clothes just for the sake of it or for the sake of being ‘on trend’. Being sensible and repairing clothes should be the new ‘trendy’.

7) Get your home insulated and turn down your heating by 2 degrees. Make sure you are wrapped up instead. A sweater on and plenty of throws around the house should enable you to lower your heating output. This is especially relevant during our current energy shortage in the UK.

8) Find out more about climate change because knowledge is power. Discuss the issues with your families and make it an ongoing conversation. The more we talk about global warming, the more likely it is that we will find ways to solve it.

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How Your Travel Choices Help the Planet

I have been wanting to read something like this for ages. Aeroplanes are brilliant but they also create an awful lot of pollution which sits in the upper atmosphere adding to global warming. Please check out this very factual article.

I have been travelling by trains and sea for the past seven years and it takes a little effort but is so enjoyable and eventually will be a far cleaner way to journey. We just need all of our electricity to be from renewable energy sources.

Alison and I have been spending time looking at different areas of our lives where we can take personal action and help the planet. The recent  681 …

How Your Travel Choices Help the Planet