Take a Moment

A poem about managing pressures.

Stressed and unimpressed,

Tied up in a mess.

Hardly able to sleep,

Just can’t get a peep.

Take time to unwind,

Maybe try to find,

Something chilled to do,

Make some time for you.

Have a little rest,

Curl up in your nest,

Take a little walk,

Ring a friend for a talk.

Have a bite of cake,

Drink a little wine,

Watch a bit of soap,

You know you can cope.

Take a little air,

Show the world you care.

Splash a puddle or two,

Then go back to being YOU.

Small Bird

I heard a small bird sing, somewhere near my house,

But when I tried to find it, it went quiet as a mouse.

I heard a small bird sing, gently ringing in my ear,

But when I tried to tickle it, it must have flew away in fear.

I heard a small bird sing, loudly by the shed,

But there was no sign of it, it had been messing with my head.

I heard a small bird sing, quietly overhead,

I pulled the covers closer, lying peacefully in bed.

I heard a small bird sing, all through the night,

But when I woke up and opened my curtains, it must have taken flight.

Summer wishes

As spring is showing signs of ending,

Summer lurks with sparkles bending,

Vegetation grows and flourishes

Rainfall sprays the ground and nourishes.

We think that Covid has gone away,

Hope it won’t come back another day.

The thought of summer and a holiday,

In my head I’m already on my way.

Please let’s have a brilliant summer of fun

Don’t want another year where its full of glum.

Cross my fingers, look around,

Do I recognise that happy sound?

A sound of beaches full of joy,

Come on, summer, ship ahoy!

My ode to summer.