Truly, Madly, Guilty – Book Review

As an avid reader, I love to be told interesting stories set in different locations. Liane Moriarty is an Australian author who has never let me down and always knows how to stir up a good amount of intrigue. Recently I finished another of her Australia based novels – Truly Madly Guilty.

Going to a barbecue never got more awkward than this.

My Review

Liane has a way of writing in the close third person that draws the reader in very close to each character and shows them a story from different angles.

Her relatively short chapters lead you through a variety of situations that build to form a complex and fascinating drama.

When Clementine gives up a few hours of cello practise to attend a barbecue at her old friend’s neighbour’s house, she isn’t ready for an air ambulance. Before she walks round to that dreaded back yard, her friend corners her with a request that makes her squirm.

The story jumps around before, during and after the barbecue and takes in events that challenge, excite and destabilise the three couples who drive this narrative forward.

Characters include a hoarding mother, a couple desperate for a baby and a wife who met her husband in a strip club.

The writing is delicious. Every sentence means something and helps you to absorb the feelings and background that fill this context.

And Finally…

I loved this book a lot. Its clever way of giving just the right nuggets of information at the right time is very entertaining. I was satisfied by the pace and fascinated by the characters and their dilemmas.

I totally recommend trying this book if you enjoy contemporary dramas. Also try another of Liane Moriarty’s masterpieces, such as ‘Big Little Lies’ or ‘Apples Never Fall.’

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Biographies Can Be Eye-Opening

As an avid reader, I love nothing more than getting sucked into a good book. Although I often write about a range of fiction genres, I hardly mention another favourite of mine – biographies.

Non-fiction books are just as popular these days and I especially love books written by famous people about their own lives.

It can be a real eye-opener to get inside a celebrity’s head and learn about the way that they became who they ended up being.

Biographies I Have Loved

Going back to when I was young, I remember enjoying the quirky but honest recollections of Roald Dahl. He wrote ‘BOY – Tales of Childhood’ and then ‘Going Solo’ all about being a young adult.

Similarly, I loved finding out about Julie Andrews and how she became an actress. She had quite a challenging upbringing with a horrible step dad. Her book ‘Home’ was followed by ‘Homework’ which took the reader through the Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music period, when she had moved to America.

Having read about various people, I am still enjoying the funny recollections of Miriam Margoyles. Called, ‘This Much Is True,’ this autobiography is full of anecdotes about childhood in Oxford and fascinating facts about historical figures she came across.

Final Thoughts

I love getting to know what celebrities have experienced. It somehow makes them feel more real and gives interesting insights into their journeys to fame.

On my shelf is a biography about Demi Moore which I am really looking forward to. Look out for ‘Inside Out’ and I will post a review when I get into it.

How many biographies have you read?

Which is your favourite famous person’s biography?

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So It Snowed (A Poem)

Woke up to snow

And what do you know?

The pavements were white

And the morning so bright.

With a chill in the air

And hat over my hair

I trudged down the street

Taking ‘oh so much’ care.

It is nice to see snow

With its effervescent glow.

It is right for the season

And there for a reason.

Yet some have soon claimed

Though they need not be named

That is means climate change isn’t real.

Well, you know how I feel.

The presence of snow

Is quite seasonal, you know.

With effects of El Nino

Every four years we cool…so?

The Earth is still warming

But we may find more storming.

Extremes are expected

If the climate is neglected.

Climate change is real

But we need to do a deal…

In Dubai we need more action

So the fight can gain more traction.

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