Saturday Poem

This is my poem about why I love Saturdays so much. I have to be honest, they are not that exciting but I just like having a chance to not be running around madly. Chilling with TV shows or maybe nipping to the cinema make Saturdays restful and worth looking forward to.

Here it is – Saturday,

Time for us to chill and play,

Watch some Netflix, Disney too,

Amazon and HBO see me through,

And Just Like That and Bobba Fett,

Alex Ryder or Dynasty instead.

Yes Saturday is my TV day,

With an hour of fitness along the way.

Nip to Tesco, grab some food,

No work to be done – massive ‘Phew!’

Catch up with friends, gossip and chat,

And then it’s over, the end of that.

Sunday rises with a yawn,

Prepare for work the following morn.

What do you like to do on Saturdays? Let me know in the comments below. Perhaps follow my blog for similar future content.

Contemplate for a Minute

This is a poem I wrote about recognising the relevance of wildlife and need to preserve the natural world.

Penguins waddle, polar bears stride,

Humans tag along for the ride.

Elephants stomp and monkeys swing,

While humans compete to show who’s king.

Eagles gently soar while lions growl and roar,

Yet some humans do little but self-adore.

Nature is precious and fragile and bright,

But can humans even notice its delicate plight?

While deserts are growing and ice sheets just melt,

Humans dress up in gold, silver and felt.

Let’s all be wise owls instead of turn a blind eye,

We can all make a difference, if only we try.

Start with something little, like using less of the car,

Many such changes can help us go far.