Autumn Wind – Poem

I love the change of seasons and especially the fresh air that results from windy weather in Autumn. I wrote this Autumn wind poem to represent my fondness of this time of year.

When I was young,

The wind excited me,

It blew me around

Like a branch of a tree.

As I grew up,

I found peace in the wind.

Walked in its comfort

Till its power would rescind.

Cleared my head

With the wind in my ear.

Let it blow away worries

Leaving my mind fairly clear.

Now an old friend,

The wind freshens my day.

So I embrace the Autumn

Let the cosiness stay.

I wrote this poem because the wind reminds me of growing up. I used to love nothing more than flying a kite in a breeze. Even when I didn’t have a kite of my own, my nan would help me to make one from some sticks and a plastic bag. I loved it.

The wind was always my friend and if I was getting frustrated about something, I would go for a walk. My nan used to say the wind blows the cobwebs out of your mind and I found it therapeutic to stroll down a country drove (a sort of mud track leading to farms) and let the fresh air do its business.

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Winter Rocks

It is widely known that I absolutely love cold weather. Global warming is making our winters much more mild, which is a shame in so many ways. I have fond memories of weeks of heavy snowy back when I was a child but these days we just get morning frosts and the occasional light covering of snow, if we are lucky. Last year, it only lasted for one day.

Snow presents imagery of lovely scenes of frozen countryside and hours of fun in the snow. For me, coming back into a warm house after spending time in the snow is very appealing. The idea of taking off the thick coat and gloves, then warming by a heater (or open fire when I was little) then having a hot drink, is wonderful and soothing. I know that snow can cause disruption but it is a natural part of our weather and climate change seems to have reduced it a lot.

Anyway, having said all of that, some people love snow and many others dislike it strongly. Here is a short poem that I wrote about why I love winter so much.

Scraping the car windows,

First thing in the morning.

Driving in the dark,

Feeling cold and yawning.

Slipping on thin ice,

Patting gloves together.

Try to keep on working,

Never mind the weather.

Holding that hot chocolate,

Steam goes up my nose,

Had to put more socks on,

To try and warm my toes.

Walking in the brisk breeze,

Knees are almost knocking,

Snow is tickling my ears,

Winter’s finally rocking.

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Christmas Movies I adore

Today I felt like sharing some of the movies that most make me feel Christmassy. Throughout my life I have seen various films over and over again that have had that festive vibe. In the last few years a few cheeky additions have snuck in too.

So let me know if you agree with any of these or you have your own movies that relate to Christmas joy.

Here goes… (in no particular order)

1) Home Alone 2

2) Mart Poppins (the stuff of legends)

3) The Snowman (short but sweet and anthemic)

4) Santa Claus: The Movie (the one with Dudley Moore)

5) Office Christmas Party (because of Jennifer Aniston)

6) The Polar Express

7) The Holiday (Kate Winslet)

8) The Christmas Chronicles (Goldie Hawn)

9) Love Actually (Emma Thompson)

10) Last Christmas (again Emma Thompson)

I wonder what your Christmas favourites might be.