I Miss Snow – A Poem

My one snowy day in 2021. I miss snow.

I miss the snow,

With its beautiful glow.

Miss the buttery frost,

Without it I am lost.

I miss the fun,

Get fed up of just sun,

Miss the snowflakes,

And the gleam the snow makes.

I miss snowball fights,

And cold, hot chocolate nights.

Miss the spiky holly,

And the winter jolly.

I miss the warmth and feeling,

Of gloves and hats; so appealing.

Miss the glistening scenery,

That sweep the memories back to me.

I would absolutely love some snowy days as they are part of our way of life. As a kid, I recall long enough Sunday walks in the whitened Fens. Global warming seems to be putting an end to snowy England. So yes indeed… I miss snow.

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Winter Stories

Anyone who knows me will say that I adore all things winter. I actually like feeling cold and then going into a warm building or wrapping myself up in a thick coat and gloves. As an environmental blogger, I care very much about our climate and it saddens me to think that we have far less snow than we used to. I love snow!

At this time of year I generally select books that are set in winter or involve snowy landscapes. Nothing beats reading about ski lodges nestled in snowy mountain ranges or snowflakes falling during a key scene in a powerful narrative.

I know it looks harsh to some people, but to me, winter scenes are beautiful.

Just for fun, I wanted to share why I love winter stories so much and encourage you to comment your own thoughts about this below. Here are some of my reasons:

– Books set in winter time are usually full of emotions and drama. Cold weather and conflict often go hand in hand. I enjoyed reading ‘The Chalet’ last winter because of its Alpine setting and high drama. For my review of this, click here.

– Snow makes for a beautiful setting and even just being described in words it decorates a story wonderfully. So many of these novels have me reaching for a hot cup of tea and dreaming about snowball fights and sled rides.

– I miss snow. Due to this reason, finding any excuse to appreciate it works for me. Reading about characters going about their business during inclement weather reminds me of the days when I trudged to work through heavy snow and enjoyed the bite of the frost.

– I even read romance novels at this time of year, mainly because they often use wintry weather well. Last year I read ‘One Perfect Christmas’ by Paige Toon, purely because of the setting (Cambridge at Christmas). It also introduced me to a new author that I came to like.

Everyone has a favourite season but, for me, winter beats them all, hands down. This is mainly because of the imagery of a snowy landscape and that feeling of comfort that this presents. If you enjoyed this post, please follow my blog for similar future content.