Looking Forward (scrap the negatives)

Thinking about thinking, worrying about stuff,

Trying to distract myself from things that don’t matter too much.

Getting stressed out over daily routines,

Finding myself shouting at television screens.

Absorbed in the news and what’s wrong with the world,

Sometimes I need a way to dissolve emotions unfurled.

Calm and tranquility is a better way through,

Teach me a way to celebrate all things new.

Let me think more about positive things,

And focus more happily on what the bright future brings.

Let’s do this together and wipe negativity away,

Let’s live for tomorrow, after enjoying today!

Beautiful England

Beautiful England, covered in hills,

Serene nooks and crannies. Farms and windmills,

Glorious coastlines, smothered in sand,

Valiant cliffs stand proud and so grand.

Quaint little towns with high, pointed churches,

Castles and cottages, long pathways lined with birches,

Ancient forests with foxes and deer,

I really hope to explore more this year.

This poem was meant to reflect how lucky I feel to live in such a beautiful country.

Come Back!

As the seagulls gathered by the shore,

Having witnessed a world so different from before,

They considered their options, should they stay or explore?

Were they happy to suffer or did they seek something more?

Humans had altered and changed all their ways,

Cut down all the trees and distorted their gaze,

The people became selfish, with rubbish and muck,

One seagull was narrowly missed by a truck.

Pollution was stifling them, clouding their sight,

Choking them, confusing them and dulling days that should be bright,

But if these dear seagulls should leave their old homes,

Would they find anywhere better, where they weren’t battered by drones?

So seagulls, just let us have one more small chance,

To show you we care and in your honour, take a stance,

A stance again laziness and rubbish and uncaring,

We can turn this around and end your despairing.

This poem was written to show how important it is for us to care for our environment.