Second Viewings: A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder

I enjoyed this article about reading a book for the second time. Holly Jackson is an author I need to try. I like how AndSheReadsOn notes the value of reading a book a few years after first thumbing through its pages. I wonder which books you would be tempted to read a second time. Let me know in the comments.

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. Today sees the start of a new blog post series: second viewings.…

Second Viewings: A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder

Why Is Reading Important?

Some people look at me as if I am bonkers for spending my free time reading. Whether they think I have nothing better to do or am just a geeky bookworm (which I am) they put forward the case that reading is quite demanding, almost like doing actual work. This article discusses the reasons why I believe that reading is very important.

Reading Matters

Any kind of reading is useful. Reading doesn’t just have to be working through a thousand page nineteenth century novel. It can be anything from researching holiday destinations to reading a celebrity biography. Reading comics, adverts, instructions, recipes, leaflets, blogs, journals and so many other types of text is all beneficial for your brain.

Practising the art of reading is good for your brain as it keeps your language awareness fresh and focuses your mind. Learning and reading go hand in hand, from taking on board a new DIY skill to getting enough vocabulary to be able to have a conversation while on holiday.

Fiction Is Satisfying

Although I just outlined a lot of non-fiction texts that you may enjoy, I cannot shout loudly enough about how wonderful fiction can be. I went through a period of not reading much in my teenage years and while at Uni but as soon as I started to reintroduce reading for pleasure back into my life I realised just how much I had missed it. Now I have a massive TBR pile of stories that I cannot wait to become invested in.

We all remember being read to by our parents or when we were at school. Most of my friends agree that being immersed collectively in a good story is a magical thing. Teachers are brilliant at putting on character voices and discussing the issues in a story as turning points come up. My love of stories definitely stems from being read to as a child.

Reading fiction opens up other worlds and builds your imagination. Creative people get a lot of inspiration from reading widely. It also helps to develop your own literacy and increase your vocabulary which comes in handy when writing reports, letters, persuasive texts and in everyday life. Reading becomes satisfying when you discover great writing talents and allow yourself to get lost in literacy.

Today I just wanted to start a conversation about how important reading is. Please comment your own thoughts on this below. Here is a previous feature that I wrote about reading. If you enjoyed this post, perhaps consider following my blog for similar content.