TV Shows Worth Watching

Rain has taken over England right now and summer seems markedly dampened so I thought I would share some good TV shows that I am currently viewing. My interest in telly changes all of the time and I go through phases of trash TV and reality shows, but one thing I consistently like is a good drama. Lately, as I have researched the YA genre more, being a writer of that type of book, I have also discovered some fun YA series as well.

Do you need something fresh to watch? Here are my suggestions.

1) Physical

I haven’t been taking advantage of my Apple TV Plus membership and recently decided to check it out, only to discover some great new series emerging. One of them stars Rose Byrne, the incredibly funny and soulful actress who made everyone split their sides laughing in Bridesmaids. The picture looked a bit like the ‘Physical’ music video which Olivia Newton John got to number one with in the eighties. Rose was wearing a leotard whilst doing a frantic aerobic workout, similar to those I sometimes do, but without the colourful sweatbands.

Quirky, nostalgic and awkward.

Well, this series starts with a warning about it covering the sensitive issues of eating disorders and soon we discover why. With a cool eighties soundtrack and some references that take me right back to my childhood, Rose’s character takes us on her journey from bored housewife to assumed celebrity, whilst taking time to share her internal monologue which constantly judges both herself and her friends based on appearance. She indulges her food desires and then throws up, each time suggesting it will be her last ever binge.

The eating disorder is dealt with honestly and with no holes barred. Everything else about the programme is funky, humorous and intriguing. Although I am only half way through I am totally hooked. This series is enlightening, nostalgic and indeed sad. It is refreshing, however, to see such a difficult subject covered openly and with some balanced representation.

Never Have I Ever

Currently streaming series two on Netflix, I find this YA comedy very entertaining, not least because it is written and co-created by Mindy Kaling (whose autobiographies I am reading). It covers the life of a teenager whose family live in California but still stay close to their Indian roots.

Devi is growing up, conflicted by culture, social media, body image and ‘guys’. She has such funny encounters with her peers, enjoys competitions of the geeky kind and sees a therapist regarding the death of her father, who is seen often in flashback. What’s best of all is that her life is narrated by her dad’s favourite tennis player, John McEnroe. He actually has a way of making it even funnier and was originally approached by Mindy at an award ceremony, which he thought was itself a joke.

In season two she has to decide between two guys, one bright and rich, the other handsome and sporty. What a dilemma! I love that each episode is under half an hour and Mindy has a way of bringing up so many references to today’s society, in a comical, thought-provoking way.

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Booktube Again

After two months off, I am back on Youtube talking about all things book. I love books so much that I have decided to do some of the Booktube Tags which ask questions about reading habits.

It is nerve-racking making a Youtube video but I definitely find it fun too. Trying to build an audience is tricky as it is with any social media but getting to read comments underneath and chat about wonderful books is so rewarding.

My blog is my main priority at the moment but engaging with readers and writers on Booktube is an added bonus. Many have already spotted who are my favourite authors as I do come back to them regularly. However, I regularly talk about newer authors and different genres that are outside of my comfort zone.

Anyway here is the link if you have a couple of minutes to check it out:

Covid Realist or Pessimist?

Maybe it is the pessimist in me that makes me worry about the new attitude people are having towards the Covid pandemic. Many people say that I am a happy and positive person but, regarding this situation, I like to think of myself as more of a realist.

Is it just spiralling out of control?

When I am confused about something or want to make a decision, I usually weigh things up using lists. Here is my pros and cons list about the current situation:


1) The vaccine is mostly rolling out well (although we still have many who refuse to take it and teenagers who have not been given the chance).

2) Businesses have been able to reopen fully, which means job security and the end of government loans and furlough.

3) That’s where I start to run out of positives but I can see people enjoying themselves, partying and generally having fun.


1) The UK infection rate is rising rapidly. Roughly 50 thousand people are testing positive daily.

2) Hospitalisations have increased markedly in the past few weeks. Currently 4.5 thousand people are staying in hospital each week.

3) The death rate has reached 96 in a day, heading towards a few hundred a day in the near future.

4) Freedom Day meant an end to social distancing and mask wearing in public spaces.

5) Large crowds of football fans and lots of close gatherings, including nightclub events and celebrations have meant a very quick relaxing of attitudes towards Covid. Such sudden relaxing could easily fuel a steeper rise and the introduction of more variants.

So yes… At this time I do feel like the negative points outweigh the positives. It is unlike me to concentrate on the negatives but I feel there is no choice right now. Pragmatic people can see that the reality is that we have a problem and just turning a blind eye to it will not make it go away.

This was one of my most serious posts yet. I do want everyone to have a lovely summer but fear that if we all go crazy it may be a very bleak Autumn indeed.

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Here is a link to my recent poem about Freedom Day: