Summer Heat

Summer is here,

Off we go.

Let’s drive to the beach,

Enjoy the sun’s glow.

Boiling our blood,

Making us sweat.

Slap on some sunscreen

Then go and get wet.

Ride on a donkey,

Build castles of sand.

Hop on a boat

Or chill safely on land.

Get out and about

Eat ice cream galore,

Then find somewhere shaded

And lay down and snore.

This was my little poem about hot days. Yesterday was the hottest day of the the year so far and was incredibly uncomfortable to work in. I hope that everyone is taking care in the sun this season. For another poem, check out One Of Those Days.

Summer Daze

Though the sun doesn’t always shine,

Make the most of summer and you’ll be fine.

The storm clouds come and away they go,

But at least there likely won’t be snow.

Global warming sure has changed things,

Lockdown ends and with its easing,

We all need to take a break,

It’s been crazy, for goodness sake.

So why not take a seaside trip?

Paddle in the water and have a sip

Of wine or beer, whatever your tipple,

Ride a wave or make a ripple.

Take a good book and spend some time,

Immersed in a romance, fantasy or crime,

A lucid book is all you need,

To fly away from here at top speed.

Stories take us to other places,

Introduce us to different faces,

Whisk us through dramas and get in our heads,

So why not read novels while on your sun beds?