How Your Travel Choices Help the Planet

I have been wanting to read something like this for ages. Aeroplanes are brilliant but they also create an awful lot of pollution which sits in the upper atmosphere adding to global warming. Please check out this very factual article.

I have been travelling by trains and sea for the past seven years and it takes a little effort but is so enjoyable and eventually will be a far cleaner way to journey. We just need all of our electricity to be from renewable energy sources.

Alison and I have been spending time looking at different areas of our lives where we can take personal action and help the planet. The recent  681 …

How Your Travel Choices Help the Planet

Summer Looks Different – A Poem

Is it really summer?

Is this all we get?

Yes, so make the most of it,

Don’t live full of regret,.

Why is summer different?

It’s never quite the same.

Well it’s called global warming,

And we are all to blame.

If you want your summer,

To return to how it was,

Then start to act on climate change,

Stop ignoring what it does.

More storms, drought and flooding

Will fill our summers soon,

So wake up and smell the coffee,

Before our planet’s as barren as a moon.

I do hope this poem makes you dwell a little on global warming. It is getting more attention in the news and thankfully people are starting to take it more seriously. There are so many visible knock-on effects right now that we really do need to start pressing our governments to do something about how we deal with pollution.

Why is Climate Change suddenly big news everywhere?

Urban areas are not designed to withstand flash floods. The runoff they create is dangerous.

I will be perfectly honest with you. Climate change is in the headlines now because a lot of shocking things have happened all at once. But there is nothing new about the matter and it certainly isn’t fresh news. We have been talking about it for over thirty years.

Politicians have chosen whether or not to mention it, depending on their priorities and popularity and so it has been largely ignored in the press because we haven’t been able to pinpoint its direct affects on Northern Europe and North America. Leaders such as Trump defiantly encouraged others to take no notice of influential climate change activists like Greta Thunberg.

It’s always been an Antarctica or Greenland thing. Even desertification in Africa hasn’t really raised many eyebrows.

Big businesses that involved fossil fuel guzzling enterprises were keen to play it down and even provide weak evidence that it wasn’t even true. It has taken events in the developed world to really alter people’s perception of climate change. It can no longer be seen as ‘something that doesn’t affect us’. The only trouble is, because we are responding to it late it has already started to increase its pace.

Wake-up Call

Global warming definitely has been happening for a long time. Average temperatures have increased by at least one degree Celsius since 1970 and it has been easy to observe the impact as winters have become less cold and snowy, whilst summers have warmed. It has taken extreme weather conditions to really open people’s eyes though.

Events that have really drawn headlines:

1) The persistent forest fires in Brazil, California and even Canada.

2) Devastating floods in Belgium and Germany. Even more recently, flash floods which swamped underground stations in London.

3) The accelerated depletion of large ice sheets in Antarctica.

4) Zac Efron

Now I am not even joking when I mention Zac Efron (along with other high profile celebrities). His Netflix show ‘Down to Earth’ involved a lot of material about sustainable living and discussed topics such as availability of water, extinctions of animals and the threats posed by global warming.

All I can say, as a geographer and keen environmental blogger, is that it is about time! Now we have the audience, let’s really start making impactful changes. Everyone says small things make a difference but when it comes to the environment we need everybody on board and institutional changes.

How do you feel about climate change?

Are you keen to make a change?

I’d love to see your comments below and if you enjoyed my blog please consider following it for more similar future posts. here is a previous post that I wrote about being eco-friendly: