Even More Great TV Shows

Everyone knows that I love TV series. Perhaps I am a bit old fashioned but I generally like to watch them spread across several weeks rather than binge watch them in one go. That way I get to see a bit of everything each week and I enjoy the wait between episodes.

Today I wanted to share some more TV shows that are currently keeping me very entertained. These shows have managed to maintain my interest and keep me coming back for more.

Emily In Paris (Netflix)

Series two is now available, but if you haven’t had the chance to check out this cute little show then I am going to tell you why you probably need to. Lily Collins (daughter of Phil Collins the singer) has managed to carry off a gorgeous comedy which is not only beautiful to look at, but also very funny and relaxing.

Emily was given an out-of-the-blue assignment to work in PR for a French company. Originally it was a one year contract but, thankfully for series two, this was extended as she started to get to grips with the French way of living. Her lack of spoken French is laughable but when you get past this plot point you can see how amusing her experience is. She is one of those watchable, warm characters who can hold a show comfortably.

The supporting cast include her grouchy boss, Sylvia, who seems to have relationships of one kind or another with anyone that Emily is asked to work with. Her other colleagues are initially quite competitive with her but eventually grow to find her amusing. At the same time, a local chef totally absorbs Emily’s attention and starts to become a (handsome yet likeable) attraction.

Without me giving away the plot, this double series of 35 minute episodes is really easy to watch and provides viewers with plenty to talk about.

And Just Like That (NOW TV)

I was a regular viewer of ‘Sex and the City’ in the late nineties and early noughties, but I was never that enamoured with the movies. Nonetheless I was intrigued when it was released that a new spin-off series was being made. Going back to one of Sarah-Jessica Parker’s narrative sign-offs ‘…and just like that,’ this series was aptly named and soon became something I was interested in again.

Thankfully the character ‘BIG’ was only in one episode as that actor’s name is currently muck in the media and his character was never very intriguing. Carrie is left to go about her life without Samantha too, who apparently left to live in the UK. Her regular gang of Miranda and Charlotte are still there though, and take more equal roles in this new season. It is great to see how they have grown and changed over time, building families and dealing with careers and lifestyle challenges.

Sadly the actor who played Stanford, Carrie’s gay best friend, died during filming and was written out rather abruptly, but the episodes that he starred in were good tributes to his contribution.

I wasn’t expecting much from this comeback but have found myself fascinated, laughing out loud and hiding tears in my eyes whilst watching. The script is sharp and fun, as well as being relevant. It is not a deep, complex piece but it is definitely a pleasant watch.

Maid (Netflix)

This show is absolutely brilliant! I saw a trailer and thought I would give it a go but I actually had it on my list for quite a while before I got round to actually checking it out. Why did I wait so long?!

A woman in her twenties (played by Margaret Qualley) was being abused by a drunken boyfriend (Nick Robinson – of Love, Simon fame) and decided to take her daughter to safety in the middle of the night. In the opening episode we saw her cash supply dwindle with regular visual updates on screen as she spent some money on necessities.

Struggling to find shelter and a job, she eventually did some cleaning work for a rich woman across the lake. Having her daughter taken from her again, Alex was really driven to work hard and fight through mountains of paperwork which outline just how ridiculous beauracracy can be when it comes to dealing with the aftermath of domestic violence.

With a quirky mother (played by the actress’s own mother, Andie MacDowell) being rather ditsy and remote, Alex struggles to find support wherever she tries. Her character strides forward and really works hard to build a stable life for her daughter while confronting her own remaining feelings for her ‘trying to get straight’ ex.

Hopefully one of these shows has gained your interest. They all have many positive points but obviously people have their own tastes. In terms of storylines they all vary greatly but the characters are full and developed.

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More Great TV Shows

As much as I love reading, I also enjoy watching TV series and so now and again I write about my favourites. Right now, I am still hooked on Big Sky, Motherland and Nine Perfect Strangers. However, there are a few other notable shows that I’d like to mention.

Ted Lasso (Apple TV+)

Not being a massive fan of football, it surprised me how much I enjoyed the first season of this series. It’s about an American football coach who comes over to London and starts managing a failing team. Jason Sudeikis is Ted Lasso, the charismatic, quirky leader who happens to know nothing about soccer at all.

He is joined by the feisty football club owner, played by Hannah Waddingham. She is best known for being the woman who followed Cersei on her walk of shame in Game of Thrones, while ringing a bell and shouting, ‘Shame!’ In this role she is steely but likeable and her character becomes central to the plot.

The footballers have little respect for Ted initially but his enthusiasm grates off on them. With a moving soundtrack and some really heart-warming moments, there is a definite feel-good vibe to this programme. I find myself with tears in my eyes during every episode.

This brilliant comedy- drama is moving, sweet and funny. Currently I am in the middle of season two as it is being released weekly, which is the way I prefer to watch things.

Vigil (BBC)

Source: BBC

A few weeks ago a new series started on BBC iPlayer called Vigil. It stars Suranne Jones, who is famous for Coronation Street and Doctor Foster, alongside Rosie Leslie. Rosie is famously married to Kit Harington and starred opposite him in Game of Thrones. Her character once said, ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow!’

Anyway, the setting is incredible as they have clearly built the interior of a nuclear submarine, stuffed with intricate details. Suranne’s character (DCI Amy Silva) is a police detective winched down into the sub to find out more about a mystery death on board.

The story that plays out involves action on the sub itself but also on land as her sidekick DC Kirsten Longacre (Rosie) rummages around on a navy base and gets to know anti-nuclear protestors who also seem to be involved in the plot.

With DCI Silva’s dramatic past, she is no fan of being trapped in a metal box, deep under the sea. Her anxiety gets the better of her at times. Meanwhile Rosie is pursued by a mystery group as she sets about finding out more about the guy who died.

These two TV series have really got me hooked. Ted Lasso because it engages all of my emotions and Vigil because of the incredible storyline set off the coast of Scotland. For more about other shows I like click here.

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TV Shows Worth Looking At

Every now and then I like to share some great TV programmes that I am currently glued to. Having got hooked on a few more recently, I thought I’d tell you what I think in case you wanted something fresh to tune into.


These characters will have you howling and hooting with belly laughter.

I am probably late to the party with this one but when a few people at work mentioned how hilarious it was I decided to check it out using Netflix. It is already on season two and was apparently shown initially on BBC iPlayer.

The star, Anna Maxwell Martin, plays a mum whose husband always appears to be out with his mates, partying. She juggles a well paid job with parenting duties and her mother has recently started avoiding babysitting, preferring to boost her own social life. Often she bumps into the nan whilst out and about and nan tries to hide, which is comical in itself.

Soon making a couple of good but whacky parent group friends from the same school, Julia (Anna’s character) goes through one ordeal after another. I laughed out loud a few minutes into episode one and didn’t stop chuckling through the whole of series one. I am just about to watch more and totally big up these half hour joke-filled calamities.

Young Royals

This one caught me by surprise. I was just browsing through Netflix and it came up as a suggestion because I had previously watched a TV show which was Swedish. All about a version of the Swedish royal family, the series focuses on the younger of two princes who follows in his brother’s footsteps by attending a private school.

He is introduced to the society rituals there and finds that he is popular with different groups of students, the wealthy and the studious. During his self-discovery he falls for a guy who teaches him how to relax and be himself. Trying to keep this a secret, he gets into all sorts of bother.

I usually watch foreign language shows with subtitles but I tried using the English dubbing for this one. I soon reverted to having them speak Swedish and reading the subtitles as it seemed more natural. If you like 50 minute episodes of YA dramas which cover many contemporary topics, then give it a watch. I love it!

Nine Perfect Strangers

I kind of cheated by mentioning this one because it hasn’t actually started yet. But get ready for some incredible drama with a star-studded cast and a storyline based on a Liane Moriarty novel.

Nicole Kidman produced this series after buying the rights to several of Liane’s bestsellers, including Big Little Lies. Luke Evans, Melissa McCarthy and Asher Keddie join her and many others for what will no doubt be a gritty and surprising miniseries.

My review of Nine Perfect Strangers – the book – is here. I’d definitely check out the book before you get sucked into the TV show. If not, get straight into episode one on Amazon Prime Video on Wednesday 18th August.

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