TV Shows I Like

I am always looking out for new TV shows to get sucked into. To be honest, lately I have been struggling to even come close to keeping up with them. Is it me or has the quality of TV dramas gone up significantly this year? There are certainly loads of well written programmes to choose from.

A few series have not lived up to my expectations but I am not going to waste time talking about them. Today I want to share a few TV series that have kept me coming back for more. These little gems are full of good acting, clever scripts and moments of hilarity.

This is Going to Hurt (BBC)

Having read one of Adam Kay’s books before, I knew that this new show was likely to be brilliant. Tracing the ups and downs of the life of a newly qualified doctor, this show hasn’t disappointed. Starring Ben Wishaw, of Mary Poppins Returns fame, and with guest appearances by Harriet Walter, this funny seven week show is really superb.

This story follows the main character, based on the author of the book, who has to somehow balance a busy schedule, demanding mother and fed up boyfriend. His shifts get extended while his boss breathes down his neck and his student doctor seems to know how to pull his strings.

The pace is quick and the jokes are slick. Some moments are heartbreaking, demonstrating how harrowing working in a short staffed NHS hospital can be. It also highlights how easy it can be to make a mistake that can impact massively on people’s lives.

Servant (Apple TV Plus)

Yes, I know! I am very late to the party with this one. Currently on season three, this spooky but fascinating story is full of intrigue, bazaar moments and fun.

The first time I heard about it was when Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter films) was doing some publicity for it the other week. Realising I was missing out on something, I searched it out and started watching it right away.

With half an hour episodes this narrative explores a reasonably well-off New York couple who have recently lost their child. The wife is a TV reporter who pretends that a doll is her dead son. Her husband, uncomfortable with this pretence, comes up with new recipes to publicise on social media. He has a great sarcasm about him and becomes increasingly freaked out by the arrival of a new nanny.

The fact that they have a nanny at all for a doll is weird enough. Rupert plays the reporter’s brother who is always dropping round and drinks wine continuously. He is perfect for this role where he suspects the maid of wrong doing and makes it his mission to expose her.

I am still watching series one but absolutely love this show. It is the right amount of dark, mysterious and silly.

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Stamford – A Crown Location

This weekend I decided to spend an afternoon in a beautiful town in Lincolnshire. I have been there many times before but usually for work reasons or nights out. Having recently noticed that the TV show ‘The Crown’ is based there for the next series, I was intrigued to check out some locations they are currently using.


There is something very quaint about Stamford because it has a lot of history and a large stately home nearby. The streets are slightly inclined and many of the buildings are very old. With many churches and some beautiful parks, as well as a river (the Welland), this little town is lively, intriguing and attractive. The places to eat are varied too, with lovely tea rooms and even a restaurant offering a tapas selection.

The Crown

In the Autumn the new series of The Crown chose one of the local butcher’s shops to be dressed for a critical scene. It was easy to find this particular location and I am now wondering what is was used for. Clearly it was kept as a butchers but which characters were involved in this scene?

A location recently used for The Crown.

Burghley House was used in many previous projects such as the Kiera Knightley movie, ‘Pride and Prejudice.’ On Sunday I decided to have a walk around the site to refresh my memory. I also thought I might set eyes on a film crew but apparently they don’t work weekends.

This beautiful building was once visited by Queen Elisabeth the first although she was turned around and had to leave due to a smallpox outbreak there at the time. In the new season on The Crown it plays Windsor Castle in the nineties during the challenging years that surrounded Princess Diana’s divorce.

It is such a beautiful building surrounded by what looks like a moat. It is easy to see why it is used to double for royal palaces.

The Welland River

So if you are ever passing this area, definitely check out Stamford, with its historic streets, interesting shops and wonderful stately home. Also, the parking on Sundays is free and there is a main train line running through it from Peterborough and London.

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TV Shows – Some Recent Favourites

Every few weeks I do a little round up of the TV programmes that have currently got my attention. I am one of those people who likes to watch an episode or two each week rather than binge watching a whole series. From documentaries to comedies, dramas to thrillers, I have plenty of shows that currently take up my evenings.

Today I wanted to talk about three that entertain me in different ways. One is a discussion programme all about books. Another is a YA series set in the beautiful Austrian ski resort of Kitzbuhel. The third is another thriller from the makers of ‘The Stranger.’

Between the Covers (BBC Two/ BBC iPlayer)

Now in its third series, this BBC show is presented by the brilliant Sara Cox (of Radio 1 and 2 fame) and involves four celebrities discussing recently released books. Each week there is a featured new release which they all have to read and the author does a little reel about why they wrote it. The chat is honest and lively, really examining the book and then going on to talk about each celebrity’s favourite book.

Sometimes the panel bring in older books too, such as The Lord of the Rings, for example. Sara is good as maintaining a fast pace, while ensuring each publication is analysed in terms of setting, character development and relevance. If you want some quick reviews of widely release books then this is a good reference point.

Kitz (Netflix)

I stumbled upon this series because Netflix makes suggestions based on previous choices and I often watch programmes filmed in Europe. Kitz came up as a glitzy YA story set in the snowy town of Kitzbuhel, a popular ski resort in central Austria. At first I assumed it was an American production but then I realised it was dubbed. The dubbing was pretty excellent and as soon as I started watching it I forgot that the characters’ lips were not in sync with the audio.

A girl’s brother drastically plummeted off a cliff in his car, on the way to meeting his rich girlfriend. After a year, his sister (Lisi) wanted to find out who this misleading aristocrat (Vanessa) was and got a job as a waitress at one of her extravagant parties. The series began with the premise that his sister wanted some kind of revenge.

While she got more entwined in the rich girl’s Instagram crazy lifestyle, her old friend Hans was having a fling with another millionaire’s son, Kosh, who happened to be Vanessa’s old chum. To make things even more interesting, Lisi started to feel attracted to Vanessa’s kind and arty boyfriend, Dominik.

It is hard to put this in a nutshell but the story is fast and lively, the settings are breath-taking and the drama feels compelling. It is difficult to make a story this dramatic and funny in equal measures but the writers have succeeded and I certainly now want to visit that ski resort at my earliest chance.

Stay Close (Netflix)

Blackpool provided an intriguing location for ‘Stay Close.’

Harlen Coban has written some incredible stories and already entertained us with ‘The Stranger’ and ‘Safe’, which were both gritty Netflix thriller series. This new story is no exception to the rule. With a Stellar cast, including James Nesbitt (The Hobbit) and Jo Joyner as well as Richard Armitage, returning to a Coban from his role in ‘The Stranger’, this show is gripping from the word ‘Go’.

Immediately I recognised the backdrop of Blackpool, having been there again last summer myself. This narrative is all about a woman who has rebranded herself, having been a nightclub pole dancer called Cassie and now having a settled middle class family under the name of Megan. It is safe to say she isn’t proud of her past, and after a guy goes missing, her old friends come back to remind her of the old days. How will she shade her family from the troubles she attracted?

Without giving too much away, a brilliant scene-stealing role by Eddie Izzard introduces a solicitor who has always represented the Vipers Club dancers. He is now hooked on drugs and runs his business out of a pet store. He seems to know everybody, including the police officer obsessed with a disappearance which occurred several years earlier, on the same date as the guy who vanished. The connections to Cassie are riddled through the storyline.

These programmes are all brilliant in their own ways. The writing of Kitz and Stay Close is very good, convincing and easy to become fascinated by. Sara Cox plays host to a great discussion show about books and reading. I would totally recommend checking one or all of them out if you are looking for something different to watch on TV.

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