Harry Potter – A Reunion To Watch

Today I noticed that the well publicised onscreen reunion of the Harry Potter cast was already showing on NowTV (HBO Max in the US). Straight away, I turned it on and was keen to see what it involved. Beginning with a cute opening sequence involving some of the big stars, I was totally ready to go down Diagonal Alley again and be completely absorbed in the world of Hogwarts and wizardry.

Without giving anything away, I can say that this programme was largely filmed at the Harry Potter Tour location in Watford. Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint were joined by various other actors and directors to sit around and chat about the experience of making these fantastic movies. For me it was a reminder of my own visit to the studio tour back in 2012, making me want to go once again.

Some of the insights into the filming of all eight films were fascinating and quite revealing. Many recollections were emotional too. Sadly some important cast members have passed away since filming. In particular, Richard Harris (Dumbledore) and Alan Rickman (Snape).

Worth Watching

Seeing Chris Columbus talk about how he started the movie franchise off and seeing snippets of the auditions from the main cast was intriguing for me as an avid viewer. Each director gave a different piece of magic to the films and guest actors added sparkle and energy. The first films were very light and as the movies developed the material got darker, as Emma, Rupert and Daniel grew up.

I was moved to tears by this lovely programme. It was really well put together and brought back so many memories from the incredible books and the magical movies. I was sad that Maggie Smith, Imelda Staunton and Michael Gambon didn’t appear in this reunion, as they were very important to the franchise and were among my personal favourites.

I totally recommend checking out this TV show as it really brings back the wonder of the characters and storylines which J K Rowling initially created in 1996. The actors provide interesting recollections and funny anecdotes. It is a visual treat and made me want to start watching the movies over again (for the umpteenth time).

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Autumn TV Shows

Every now and then I like to share some of the brilliant TV shows that I am currently enjoying. This month I am playing catch up as I have a lot of series to get through before some of my favourites come back. I am especially looking forward to some feel-good Christmas movies and shows as well as the forthcoming return of Stranger Things.

Love and Anarchy

These two actors are incredibly talented.

I had forgotten to mention this Swedish TV show which has 8 episodes of about half an hour in length. I found it randomly and it caught my eye because it came across as a funny concept. I often watch programmes with subtitles and, for me, this doesn’t detract from the story and my enjoyment of it.

Sofia is an executive who comes into a publishing firm to modernise them as they are stuck in the past and have no social media presence. Max is a young guy who works in IT support. They find each other amusing and start to initiate pranks to make the time pass more quickly. Taking it in turns to set ridiculous but hilarious challenges for each other, they also notice an attraction burning.

I laughed out loud at many of the predicaments they got into. I particularly loved it when Max insisted that Sofie walked backwards all day, including when entering and leaving meetings. If she walked normally at any point she would have lost the bet. It can sometimes get a bit racy so this one is definitely for adults only.

Locke and Key

Netflix at its best – a thrilling ride.

Netflix has just produced the second YA series of Locke and Key which features the Locke family who moved into their ancestral home after the husband died. The three kids discover a cloudy past that hangs over the mansion, with special keys that only they can use to access specific skills.

By turning a key into the back of your head, you can come out of your body and go somewhere else, memorise a book or transform into someone else. By using a certain key, you can change any door into an escape route into another place that you can visualise.

Connor Jessop stars in this entertaining, fun and often thrilling series which has continued to maintain the pace and lock us all in as viewers. I haven’t quite finished season two but wanted to suggest you all have a look.

Today’s shows are both on Netflix and are highly recommended by me. Love and Anarchy has just wrapped a second season so get watching the first one. Locke and Key has just secured a third season. Both are very popular and wonderful. For my previous TV suggestions, click here.

TV Shows Worth Watching Now

As it’s summer, I have had plenty of time to get hooked on new TV shows and as a blogger my instinct tells me to share. In this article I want to celebrate another couple of programmes that have gained my viewership and entertained me thoroughly this summer. Usually I enjoy watching comedies and dramas, so here are my reviews of one of each.


This little gem came from nowhere. I was ready to watch another episode of ‘Physical’ on AppleTV+ (See my previous review) when I stumbled across a trailer for a new comedy series, styled like a 1950s musical. Before long I was checking it out and totally entertained.

The cast is led by Keegan-Michael Key (The Prom) and Cecily Strong (Ghostbusters 2016). Supported by Kristin Chenoweth and Alan Cumming, the talented singers and dancers bring a charming production which is nostalgic and funny.

This comedy is all singing and all dancing.

With plenty of tongue-in-cheek humour and lots of glitz, this series doesn’t take itself too seriously. It takes off classic movies such as ‘The Sound of Music’ with affection and is a great distraction from the rigour of modern living. The couple are having marital problems and whilst camping, find a bridge that traps them in a town which seems stuck in the 1950s. The town has nods to ‘Oklahoma’ as does the theme tune. They can only return to New York if they can prove they really love someone. Maybe confirm their love for each other even.

Big Sky

Having watched half of the season of ten episodes, I am right in the midst of the drama. The thing that tempted me to view this Star/ Disney Plus show was the fact that it was scripted by the incredible David E Kelley (Big Little Lies/ husband to Michelle Pfeiffer). Interestingly Michelle’s sister appears in this gripping drama, which includes a guest appearance from Ryan Phillippe.

I don’t want to give anything away about this. It is best just to switch it on and see what you think. To start with, episode one introduced some private detectives who were squabbling over an affair. Then we met some teenagers who were driving to Colorado from Montana. Everything seemed great until it was revealed that recently lots of young women had gone missing along the route they were taking.

This series has breath-taking scenes set in beautiful Montana and covers trafficking, which is a harrowing issue and involves shipping women over the border to Canada. The script is clever and many of the characters have funny lines to say which make you smile. The state trooper is particularly quirky, witty and scary (all at once).

These two shows are both proving to be successful and entertaining. Big Sky is already on its second season and I am sure Schmigadoon will soon follow. Six episodes are definitely not enough.

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