Autumn Wind – Poem

I love the change of seasons and especially the fresh air that results from windy weather in Autumn. I wrote this Autumn wind poem to represent my fondness of this time of year.

When I was young,

The wind excited me,

It blew me around

Like a branch of a tree.

As I grew up,

I found peace in the wind.

Walked in its comfort

Till its power would rescind.

Cleared my head

With the wind in my ear.

Let it blow away worries

Leaving my mind fairly clear.

Now an old friend,

The wind freshens my day.

So I embrace the Autumn

Let the cosiness stay.

I wrote this poem because the wind reminds me of growing up. I used to love nothing more than flying a kite in a breeze. Even when I didn’t have a kite of my own, my nan would help me to make one from some sticks and a plastic bag. I loved it.

The wind was always my friend and if I was getting frustrated about something, I would go for a walk. My nan used to say the wind blows the cobwebs out of your mind and I found it therapeutic to stroll down a country drove (a sort of mud track leading to farms) and let the fresh air do its business.

Thank you so much for reading my short poem about Autumn wind. For another of my poems, check out Our Beloved Queen. Follow my blog for future similar posts and articles about books, TV shows and the environment.

The Direct Link Between Our Actions and Climate Change

This month on ‘The Climate Change Collective’ we are discussing how climate change is impacting all of our futures. Molly from Transatlantic Notes blog has written a brilliant post about just how interrelated humans are with the environment.

In her wonderful article, Understanding how climate action redefines our future, Molly looks at how vital members of food chains are being depleted because of even small increases in temperature and just how unstable our ecosystems are.

Delicate Balance

Many people chose to ignore the threat of climate change because they cannot feel the effects of it in their daily lives. Molly outlines why that just isn’t true. Yes, the developed countries often feel it less strongly than third world nations, but the evidence of climate change is all around. One thing is for sure, it is us humans that are causing the problem.

We have seen record temperatures during the summer and winters which are far less cold than previously. Increased wild fires during heatwaves, water shortages, poor harvests and more flood occurrences are just a few of the effects we have felt in the UK and USA.

I urge you to check out Molly’s interesting article and discover how a particular butterfly species plays a major role in keeping an ecosystem strong. Locally, I have noticed far fewer insects such as bees and wasps this year. These insects are so important as pollinators and it would be awful if they were to die out.

Check out this month’s climate post and drop Molly a comment about your thoughts on this matter.

Too hot!

Today was one of those days where I wasn’t expecting it to be hot outside. The morning sky was covered in scattered clouds and I could feel a light breeze when I arrived at work. I assumed I was safe from the sun. Indoors most of the morning and then suddenly it hit me.

Hot summer days are definitely more frequent than they used to be. 26 degrees is a sticky warm that makes it uncomfortable to work. I worry about the rays that hit your skin, causing sunburn so easily. Just being outside teaching PE for 45 minutes, I managed to get a very sun burned neck and shoulders.

Lesson learned

Yes I need to be more prepared for hotter weather. I must make sure I always have sunscreen with me wherever I go. Climate change means more sunny days and more risk of sunburn and dehydration.

I worry that if Britain is getting much hotter more often then surely other countries are burning up completely. In the News, for example, record heatwaves in India remind me of the damage that global warming is doing around the world.

I guess that most people are grateful of the warm periods but I simply worry. It just doesn’t sit well with me. We lost our beautiful snowy winters and now we have heatwaves which are setting forests on fire. What can we do?

First, we need to care.

Lots of sun is not always a positive thing. When we start to realise that this isn’t ideal, we may start to wake up to the reality of climate change.

Thank you for reading my rambling words. They just streamed out of me as I sat moaning at myself for not being better prepared for a sunny afternoon.