Too hot!

Today was one of those days where I wasn’t expecting it to be hot outside. The morning sky was covered in scattered clouds and I could feel a light breeze when I arrived at work. I assumed I was safe from the sun. Indoors most of the morning and then suddenly it hit me.

Hot summer days are definitely more frequent than they used to be. 26 degrees is a sticky warm that makes it uncomfortable to work. I worry about the rays that hit your skin, causing sunburn so easily. Just being outside teaching PE for 45 minutes, I managed to get a very sun burned neck and shoulders.

Lesson learned

Yes I need to be more prepared for hotter weather. I must make sure I always have sunscreen with me wherever I go. Climate change means more sunny days and more risk of sunburn and dehydration.

I worry that if Britain is getting much hotter more often then surely other countries are burning up completely. In the News, for example, record heatwaves in India remind me of the damage that global warming is doing around the world.

I guess that most people are grateful of the warm periods but I simply worry. It just doesn’t sit well with me. We lost our beautiful snowy winters and now we have heatwaves which are setting forests on fire. What can we do?

First, we need to care.

Lots of sun is not always a positive thing. When we start to realise that this isn’t ideal, we may start to wake up to the reality of climate change.

Thank you for reading my rambling words. They just streamed out of me as I sat moaning at myself for not being better prepared for a sunny afternoon.

Pollution – Who Cares? – Poem

View from my train.

Who cares about pollution?

It’s only mucky air.

Why bother with the clean stuff?

You cannot tell it’s there.

Why worry about those gases

That circle all around?

Doing their dirty business,

But making not a sound.

I care about pollution,

Because it’s really grim.

Changing weather systems,

And making places dim.

Let’s worry about pollution,

And call for governments to act

To change our dirty habits,

And the way the odds are stacked.

A world without pollution,

Is one with variety and glee.

So get aboard and make yourself heard,

Don’t merely ‘Wait and See’.

This is a little poem I wrote because I was thinking just how grim pollution can be. Near me we have brick works which are constantly churning out filthy gases and I can see them on my drive to work each day. I really hope we don’t forget just how drastic climate change is and how important it is that we keep it in the limelight.

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An Environmental Thought

Although I often write about entertainment and books, I have always been keen to discuss environmental issues on my blog. There is no doubt that our seasons are changing due to global warming. This is an issue that needs not only highlighting, but urgently acting upon.

Cleaner sources of energy are making a difference but we need so many more.

What is the latest?

Today they changed the definition of a heatwave in parts of England. This is a fairly big deal. Where it used to take three consecutive days of temperatures higher than 27 degrees C to constitute a heatwave, it is now going to need to be 28 degrees C. Why is that significant? It is all down to climate change.

Our average temperatures are going up year on year and so what used to be considered an unusual heatwave is now looking much more common. This is a really disturbing fact, given that we all have the power to do something about it. It has life-changing impacts on ecosystems and millions of people.

Just saying…

This is just a short post to highlight this change in definition and keep climate change in your thoughts. I believe that if we all put pressure on big businesses and governments, then we can really make a difference.

On a smaller scale we need to make good choices regarding travel, such as avoiding planes and opting for public transport more. Similarly, take up any opportunities we have to make changes to our home heating and insulation.

Simply choosing ecofriendly products can also make a difference. When we shop, we can decide to buy food that hasn’t flown half way around the world in order to reach our supermarket shelves.

There are so many things that we can do but it is really important that our politicians are persuaded to make drastic changes to the way we fuel our economies. Perhaps the recent energy price hike will help to spur them on with funding energy that doesn’t come from fossil fuels.

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