Winter Olympics – Poem

This is my celebration of all of the wonderful sports going on at the Winter Olympics. My Olympics poem is all about the imagery associated with skiing, bobsleighing and curling, as well as many other winter sports.

Snowy sports are my fave,

Skiing and bobsleigh all the rave,

Backed with snow and ice and cold,

I’d love to try but I feel too old.

I like the Olympics, full of fun,

Snow boards spinning, medals won.

Figure skating like Torville and Dean,

Plenty of record breaking still to be seen.

So have a look as the skeleton zooms,

And the curling slides, thanks to frantic brooms.

Ski cross country, keep that pace,

Nothing beats a good snow-filled race.

I wrote this Olympics poem whilst watching the highlights of yesterday’s Winter Olympics in China. It is a shame that these are given less publicity than the Summer Olympics because they are often more exciting. From bobsleigh to ski jumping, these events show absolute skilfulness and bravery. These guys are athletes with stamina and commitment. I hope that the poem demonstrates my admiration for these brilliant sports personalities.

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Pay Day Poem

January drags its feet,

All I do is work and eat.

Time goes slow with mornings dark,

Need something positive; a fresh spark.

Got paid early at Christmas though,

Now I find I am short of dough.

Counting pennies, cooking more,

Want to have fun, but forced to be a bore.

Watching movies, reading books,

Cleaning rooms for fresher looks.

Thinking what to spend money on,

Hurry pay day! Just come on!

I wrote this poem after waking up and realising that I still have two weeks until I get paid again. Although I am much better with money than I used to be, I have had some unforeseen expenses this month and so the tap has well and truly run dry.

I wonder how many of you spend too much in December and regret it slightly by mid-January. It just makes me want to blow some cash on take aways and nights out when I finally do get paid. Or even book some lovely theatre tickets so that I have something great to look forward to.

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Winter Rocks

It is widely known that I absolutely love cold weather. Global warming is making our winters much more mild, which is a shame in so many ways. I have fond memories of weeks of heavy snowy back when I was a child but these days we just get morning frosts and the occasional light covering of snow, if we are lucky. Last year, it only lasted for one day.

Snow presents imagery of lovely scenes of frozen countryside and hours of fun in the snow. For me, coming back into a warm house after spending time in the snow is very appealing. The idea of taking off the thick coat and gloves, then warming by a heater (or open fire when I was little) then having a hot drink, is wonderful and soothing. I know that snow can cause disruption but it is a natural part of our weather and climate change seems to have reduced it a lot.

Anyway, having said all of that, some people love snow and many others dislike it strongly. Here is a short poem that I wrote about why I love winter so much.

Scraping the car windows,

First thing in the morning.

Driving in the dark,

Feeling cold and yawning.

Slipping on thin ice,

Patting gloves together.

Try to keep on working,

Never mind the weather.

Holding that hot chocolate,

Steam goes up my nose,

Had to put more socks on,

To try and warm my toes.

Walking in the brisk breeze,

Knees are almost knocking,

Snow is tickling my ears,

Winter’s finally rocking.

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