Shawn Mendes – Talented and Genuine

Really a musician and incredible singer/songwriter.

I have lately become quite a fan of Mr Mendes. A year ago I knew very little about him but I saw him on the Graham Norton show singing, ‘There’s Nothing Holding me Back’ and soon found myself buying his album – ‘Illuminate.’ I listened to it in the car and realised that his up-beat songs were just as interesting as his more chilled out tracks.

It was interesting to see that he had used YouTube to teach himself to play the guitar and he began by showcasing himself on Vine with covers of artists like Ed Sheehan. After building quite a following he soon started recording for Island Records and the rest, as they say, is history. He was soon backing up Taylor Swift on tour and selling three Billboard chart Number One Albums.

Seeing him perform several tracks at this weekend’s Capital FM Summer Ball, I was very impressed by his attitude and skill. He sang, played a guitar and performed a slow number while playing a piano. He seems genuine, friendly and humble in his TV interviews and on stage. I suggest you check out his new tune – Nervous – as it is very catchy and extremely likeable.

First time in Manchester

Well that is if you disclude a tour of Grenada studios in 1992.

The sun was beating down and I was exploring the Media City UK venue in Salford, which is where Coronation Street is currently filmed.The BBC seems to have set up shop here too as this is where they film CBBC, Match of the Day and BBC Breakfast. It is a brilliant location with outlet shops, eateries, bars by the water and a Cinema.

It is a really modern setting by a waterfront just three miles away from Manchester. The place is lively and funky and their seems to be a cool vibe to it. I may be too old to be cool but I do love to be somewhere fresh and invigorating.

Why not have have a night there?