Cooling Down – A Poem

Weather changes but some things stay the same.

Stirring winds and gentle breezes,

Cloudy shadows and reddening skies.

A slight chill tickles your spine,

Cold temperatures causing sore eyes.

Covid feels distant yet still it transmits,

Businesses plan Christmas parties.

Halloween looms with its tricks and its treats,

I’d be quite happy with Smarties.

People forget all the things they had learned,

Mix closely and stir up the issue,

While hospitals struggle and nurses work hard,

I hear someone sneezing ‘A-Tissue!’

Look after each other as Autumn prevails,

Show that you care, with respect.

Try to be sensible, enjoying the season,

Let Autumn be what you expect.

Brightening Homes With Poster Store

AD – This blog post is written in collaboration with Poster Store. There are some affiliate links included.

Are you doing some home decorating? Or do you simply want to spice up a few of your rooms with some high quality wall art? Interior design is made so much easier when you know a good provider of tasteful wall decorations.

As I am currently redecorating my home, I was super-excited to be invited to try out some Poster Store pictures and write about them in my blog. There is such an incredible range of stylish prints and posters available in Scandinavian designs on an easy to use website. Simply check out and browse all kinds of pictures and frames, including the nature prints that I have selected for my house.

Right now they are offering a 45% discount for all posters (except Selection posters and frames) when you use this code: JAMIE45

Note – This is not combinable with other discounts and campaigns and runs from 15th September to 22nd September 2021. So get your orders in quick!

This seaside image fits well with my colour scheme and adds a finishing touch to the bedroom.

Why use Poster Store?

If you are looking to create your own gallery in the living room, bedroom or above the stairs, these wall decorations are just for you. The Scandinavian designs are trendy, as well as affordable and make beautiful additions to any modern room. Personally, I like to mix it up a bit by scattering pictures in frames around the house, sometimes in pairs and often as individual set pieces.

They have a large selection of posters which are unique and of an incredibly good quality. Covering a range of different themes and categories, these prints aim to cater for all tastes. Also, they release a new poster collection every Tuesday, which is very cool.

I simply had to place this water themed picture next to the kitchen window, to remind me of holidays past.

Environmentally Friendly Prints

Being an eco-blogger, it was important that any mentioned products showed consideration for the environment. Luckily, Poster Store has partnered with a printer who is certified by the FCS and Nordic Swan for showing processes which support sustainability. The wood used comes from responsibly managed forests with the highest environmental and social standards.

I love the fact that their aim is to change customer behaviour in the long term, working towards eco-friendly targets. This goes hand in hand with the professional way they handle customer orders.

These two scenic, framed posters sit behind me when I relax and watch TV.

Having been gifted some stunning pictures in sharp white wooden frames, I feel lucky as they have added such a sparkle to my house. The website is very slick and easy to navigate so ordering is straight forward. Prices are reasonable and deliveries are swift. I totally recommend sourcing your wall art from Poster Store as they will quickly add some colour, texture and variety to your living spaces.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. I hope you will consider using this lovely brand and also let me know what you think in the comments below.

Environmental Education Should Be Compulsory

Glaciers are shrinking as polar regions warm twice as rapidly as the rest of the globe.

Most of you will know that I have a passion for environmental issues as well as reading. In a world where global warming is becoming so visible, it makes no sense to me that the environment is not given more consideration in schools.

In this blog post I want to make the case for ‘Environmental Education’ being a separate, compulsory subject in all schools. I hope that you will read my thoughts and include your own opinions in the comments section below.

Reasons for Environmental Education being taught:

1) Everyone is affected by climate change. It is the biggest problem looming over the world at the moment and is mainly caused by us humans.

2) Currently there is a very poor coverage of environmental issues in education. It is touched upon in Geography and Science but has little limelight. Many young people have no idea that these problems exist and that they will be empowered to deal with the flack from this situation.

We often have no idea that people and animals are suffering in distant places because of climate change.

3) This is a subject in its own right. Everybody deserves to know the facts about temperature rise, pollution and the affects of these. They should be made aware of flooding, melting glaciers, a decreased gulf stream, sea level rise, desertification, deforestation, urban pollution and animal extinctions. The list goes on…

4) We need everybody on board. If young people aren’t given all the facts, they will not be best equipped to do something about the problems as they swell.

5) With people already losing homes through flooding, suffering food shortages and dealing with massive storms, this subject is relevant NOW. Education should be covering all of these events and discussing what caused them and how we can make a difference by changing mindsets and government policies.

There are so many more elements to this but for me it just makes no sense that the environment isn’t given strong coverage in classrooms and assemblies. Children have a right to know how pollution is impacting on the world and what they can do to change things for the better.

More articles will follow related to this. As you can see I feel very strongly that ‘Environmental Education’ has a big role to play in helping change our future. I hope that you enjoyed this post and will comment below. For a similar post look here.