The Scream Movie – Review

As a teenager of the nineties, I clearly remember going to watch the first Scream movie and feeling the buzz for it. It was fun and popular and had a good mix of comedy and horror. Having then seen the following three movies, it was exciting to find out that another instalment was coming, with some of the original cast members involved too.

The 2022 movie takes us back to Woodsboro, California. This was the town in which the first people donned the ghost face masks and started attacking teenagers. The films all follow groups of students who are fascinated with horror movies and have lots of specific knowledge about this genre. This one is no different.


Officer Dewey has come back in this story although he’s now somewhat retired from the police force. His ex girlfriend, Gale Weathers, played by Courtney Cox (Monica from Friends) is still working in the media and needing more inspiration for her best selling books. These two were once again joined by the original victim, Sidney Prescott (played by Neve Campbell) who had moved away but is always drawn into these difficult predicaments somehow.

Seeing these guys back was the thing that drew me in and they were all great. The new characters were also brilliant as teenagers obsessed with the Stab movies, which themselves were based on the Woodboro stabbings. Dylan Minnette (from 13 Reasons Why) was convincing as the cop’s son. Jenna Ortega (from YOU) had a difficult time as one of the victims but was both funny and entertaining in this role.

An Essense Of Scream

All of the key ingredients of the franchise were present in this film. The only thing missing was the direction of Wes Craven who sadly passed away in 2015. In homage to him, Dylan’s character was named Wes, which I think is a lovely touch.

With a quick pace, a fun soundtrack, a lot of unpredictability and a good production quality, this movie is a really satisfying instalment. I totally recommend taking a trip to your local cinema to check it out soon. Although it is a horror movie it is also a comedy and has lots of tongue-in-cheek moments.

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Smorgasbord Christmas Laughter Lines – December 14th 2021 – Santa Shenanigans and Festive Mishaps Part Two

Always laughing at these cheeky comic strip chuckles.

Some more random funnies featuring Santa and his reindeer and festive mishaps from around the globe   Thank you for dropping by today and I hope you …

Smorgasbord Christmas Laughter Lines – December 14th 2021 – Santa Shenanigans and Festive Mishaps Part Two

Christmas Gone Crazy – Extract Four

An hour later we got out of a taxi at Zurich station, which initially looked like any other European station, but then became increasingly wonderful as I began to discover all of its parts. It had a huge hall, which had become an international food market, on the same level as what I had thought to be the main platform. Below this, were about a hundred shops networked together amongst another twenty or so platforms. I had never seen such a massive, complex and inviting train station in my life.


Having found a train that suited our elaborate journey, we grabbed a pastry each and went back to comparing stories about our media careers thus far.


“So you started on the radio?” she said between slurps of a hot chocolate.

“Yeh, I broke my teeth on local radio in Essex. I used to go into the streets and do surveys. Really stupid surveys. Asking questions such as, “If you could have rhubarb for arms or Cauliflower for hair, which would you prefer?”

She laughed so much that she spilt some coffee over her top. As she mopped it up I could see her remembering something.

“My first job was for a small programme about a zoo. I spent ages filming zebras and chinchillas. It was very dull. One day, while the keeper was feeding the flamingos, one of them snuck out its head quick enough to bite my arm. It absolutely bled like crazy and that was it. No more zoo filming for me.”


“I prefer working with people,” I said, nodding. “Animals freak me out.”

“ Have you checked Jesus’ twitter today?” she asked, changing subject.

“No, why?” I answered as I typed in his twitter handle.

We both went quiet for a moment as we read through a new posting.

“Apparently he is calling on his disciples to come and have a party. A naked party in the snow.”

I shook my head. “I am not getting naked just to gain his trust.”

“He must be freezing his bits off,” Fiona giggled, whilst replying to his message.

“What did you put?” I asked.

“I told him to expect us this afternoon. I hoped he might save us some strudel.”


In a while, we were on our train, which was relatively quiet for 10am on a Tuesday. The train emerged from a tunnel into a snowstorm. The entire surrounding world seemed suddenly drowned in snowflakes. Perfect crystals of snow gently bashed the train as we made our way towards the distant hills. I thought I could see the outline of a reindeer in the valley, but it might have just been my vivid imagination. Everything had just got a whole lot more Christmassy and we were about to travel into the Swiss alps, on the lookout for a guy who believed he was the son of God. What could possibly go wrong?

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