Road Trips (and Road Trip movies)

I have always dreamed of crossing the US in a Cadillac…but crossing the UK in a Fiesta will have to do… for now.

Comedy and adventure movies have been set against the backdrop of a journey. Some have been getaway films, such as Thelma and Louise. Others have been bonding stories of friendship overcoming challenges. If you want a movie which is totally crazy and not remotely cerebral, then look no further than the Hollywood trash movie, Road Trip (2000) starring Sean William Scott from American Pie.

I recently had a road trip of my own from Cambridgeshire to Oban in Scotland. The seven hour solo mission was much less of a friendship story and more of a chance for reflection and discovery. I had never been to Scotland before and was astounded by the stunning views that scourged my eyes as I passed through miles of tranquil mountains, lakes and valleys.

Staying in a shared house with many friends, celebrating my best friend’s fortieth birthday, I enjoyed the fresh air, exploring the local cuisine, sightseeing the islands, reconnecting with old friends and snuggling up by a log fire.

Memories were made on that particular road trip and now I am on another trip (not solo) escorting my pal on a business trip and discovering Salford, Manchester.

More to come on Manchester- a follow up trip next week.