Second Glance – A Book Extract

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A fast walk through the park can’t be that much trouble, can it?

As a bonus weekend post, I wanted to share a short extract from my story about a woman coming across an accident and jumping to conclusions. See what you think and maybe comment down below. This is one of my stories from ‘Second Glance’ available in the link here:

Race To Make A Decision

Celia was on her way to work. She took the same route that she always took. It was about 8 o’clock and the sun was bright over the horizon. As she crossed the road to enter the park, which was the shortcut she had followed every day for ten years, she suddenly had visions of forgetting to pick up her phone. Rummaging through her handbag, with the sun’s sharp rays causing her to shield her face, she kept walking across the path and was just about to enter the bit that led through the park when…Crash!


It had all happened so fast. Celia was spinning around, trying to take in what had happened. One minute she had been feeling around in her bag for her phone. The next minute she was in the centre of a huge drama unfolding. Just as she had crossed the path she had failed to notice a guy in the cycle lane who had had to suddenly turn to avoid her as she backtracked slightly, averting her eyes from the blinding sun. At the same time a cyclist had emerged from the park, rightfully travelling on the cycle track side of the path but not expecting a dithering pedestrian to divert another bike into his pathway.


Not for one moment did Celia assume that any of this was caused by her actions. Instead she screamed. Confirming that she hadn’t remembered her phone after all, she yelled at the top of her lungs to get some help. She then dropped the bag and stepped back to steady herself before trying to catch her breath and take everything in.


The first thing she did, as a young lad marched up to them – phone in hand, was to assess the situation. Who were these cyclists that had nearly killed her? Hunched next to her, just a foot away, was a pale looking man who must have been in his fifties, reminding her somewhat of the guy from the Bond movies that she could never remember the name of. She smiled to herself momentarily as she admired his physique before suddenly realising that his eyes were closed and he had blood coming out of his shoulder. Quite a lot of blood at that.


Turning her head, while she could hear the boy instructing an ambulance to head towards the north side of the park, she noticed a twenty-something slim asian guy tangled in his bike with his eyes half open, breathing so loudly that it alarmed her. He seemed to sigh on every troubled exhalation. He, just like the other guy, was sweating profusely and already had a large swelling around where his kneecap should have been. Blood spattered the pavement alongside him.


Still Celia could not decide if one was more guilty or the other. She was quickly brought back to life with a question from the boy.


“Did you see what happened?”

“No. It was all a blur. Typical cyclists, I say. Always dangerous.”

“Thank God they both wore hats!” announced a lady who had suddenly popped out from the park.

Another teenager ran up to the scene and started to take off his jumper. Celia was about to ask why when she saw him tuck it around the head of the first guy, keeping it protected. The original boy said that he was going to stand near the road to direct the ambulance to the scene while the lady knelt down next to the asian man and asked him if she could do anything. Celia heard him mumble something and the lady then took a clean handkerchief from her pocket and tied it around his knee. He swallowed hard as she did it and placed his right hand on the dressing, holding it as if to defend from any potential knocking. Celia felt his pain but she still didn’t know what she could do. She eventually decided she was the first one there and should take control.

7 thoughts on “Second Glance – A Book Extract

  1. Great story! I used to cycle to work years ago and pedestrians would step out onto the cycle lane all the time and cause accidents! Interested to find out what happened next!

  2. It portrays very well how different something can look from your own perspective and how you can make judgements before you know the whole story. Here’s me judging now – I don’t know why she’s taking charge, she was too absorbed in herself to see what happened anyway? I think she might have caused the accident? X

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