A Frozen Musical Review

As a theatre fan, I was excited to get some tickets for the West End production of the Disney musical – Frozen. Shown in one of my favourite West End theatres, The Theatre Royal at Drury Lane, I was sure that the stage version would be impressive.

Knowing how good the film was, I was intrigued about how they would transform the stage into an icy castle.

My Thoughts

The Theatre Royal always seems so grand with its lush bars and grand reception area. Walking in and viewing the big ‘Frozen’ logo, I was wondering how three-dimensional this production might be. My instincts were telling me that this was going to be a very visual show.

I do not know the movie well enough to be aware of whether or not some of the songs were added for the stage show but I suspect they might have been.

Early on, the two younger actors sang, ‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’ and before long the grown up cast were cleverly acting out, ‘Love is an open door.’

When Elsa appeared, I was pleased to see that it was Samantha Barks who played Eponine in the film version of ‘Les Miserables.’ Her voice stood out and was ridiculously close to Idina Menzel’s. I can testify to this as I heard Idina sing when I had front-row tickets to ‘If/Then’ back in 2014.

The voices in this play were amazing! Such a talented group of performers.

A funny scene involving a Norwegian shop owner singing about the Scandinavian idea of hygge really made me laugh. Many other highlights included well-timed comedy, especially from the actress who played Anna.

It was the special effects that blew me away. No spoilers but it was worth going for these alone.

In A Nutshell

I really enjoyed watching this theatrical performance of ‘Frozen’ and would totally recommend checking it out. The only downside was that it was a matinee and packed with noisy young kids. However, the songs, the humorous moments, and the scenery all stood out to make this a magnificent production.

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10 thoughts on “A Frozen Musical Review

  1. I love Frozen so I’m sure I would love this show too. I remember the first time I went to see “Beauty and the Beast”. Thinking it was a kids’ show, I wasn’t really all that excited about going. I was amazed and have seen it several times since. Disney just seems to have a knack for making everything spectacular.

  2. I love the frozen movie I wish I could see the musical. I’ve only seen the frozen show at Disney World in Orlando Florida but I love that one especially during Christmas time they have a Christmas special at the end of the show.

  3. I saw Frozen with the US Tour- at night (still had a kind of a obstructed view thanks to kids- one kept on dancing in front of me- so I had to keep on looking left and right just to see)- even the singing existed thanks to kids

    The special effects, the costumes, the songs (both old and new) were so magical. Despite some kid issues, still loved getting Caroline Bowman as Elsa (she was fantastic- knew she would be after discovering she was a former Elphaba; the two characters are parallel in a way if you think about it (I remember her “Monster” more than “Let it Go” for some reason). The ushers told my mom and I not to blink during “Let it Go”, and they were right

  4. Oh my gosh- that is exactly what Ovens Auditorium is (seats are lined up straight in that theater). The largest theater though- bigger stage and bigger audience

    However, Belk Theater doesn’t have that problem. True, the smaller theater with smaller stage and smaller audience, but staggered seats. This is the main Blumenthal theater (Blumenthal is the reason my hometown gets the US Tours)

  5. Belk does all the Disney musicals- that stage isn’t “small” (how else can you explain why it is the main theater?) Belk has four levels of audience space- Orchestra, Grand Tier, Mezzanine, Balcony

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