Read, Watch and Listen (June)

After a week off from work, I should feel refreshed but I feel unusually worn out. Home renovations take a lot of energy. However, I am pleased to have made time to watch some TV, listen to a few podcasts and do some reading.

If you missed last month’s recommendations, check them out below:

Read, Watch and Listen (May)

Now here are my thoughts on a great book, satisfying TV show and informative podcast.

Read – The Fell by Sarah Moss

I may have mentioned this book before, back when I first bought it. It intrigued me because it focused on Covid times when lockdowns were happening.

The lead character wanted to explore the hilly countryside around her home but she stayed later than the curfew and her teenage son realised she was missing.

Despite being a practised hill walker, Kate was caught up in a blizzard and injured herself. Matt was worried and emergency services were called in.

Including viewpoints from an elderly neighbour and a rescue worker, this narrative is well told.

With short chapters and great storytelling techniques, this book is thought-provoking and satisfying to read.

Watch – The Idea Of You (Prime Video)

OK this isn’t a TV show but it is a movie available on Amazon Prime and not in cinemas, so it still counts.

Lately, the streaming platform has been coming up trumps with both brilliant TV series and self-made films.

‘The Idea Of You’ sees a 40 year old mother fall in love with a 24 year old lead singer of a band called Austin Moon.

Yes this is a Cougar film but I feel women are given a hard time for dating younger men while men date younger women all the time.

Anyway, it follows the development of a love affair which ends in lots of media criticism for Anne Hathaway’s character, Solene. Meanwhile the English singer, Hayes (played by Nicholas Galitzine) is teased by bandmates about his interest in a mother figure.

I was charmed but this production and can see why it got to Number 1 on the Prime Video chart.

Listen to Making The Cut Podcast

After six months away from the microphones, Davina McCall and her partner Michael Douglas are back with another fantastic run. This podcast has always been my favourite because it reviews so many useful things honestly.

For those of you unfamiliar with Davina, she presented Big Brother for eleven years, was originally an MTV host and now reunites long lost family members as well as judging the UK version of The Masked Singer.

Michael was her hair stylist for years and has a successful salon business as well as TV presence on leading shows such as This Morning on ITV.

The banter between these two is funny and captivating. I feel as though I am sat around a kitchen table with them, having a cup of tea and a natter.

And Finally…

Maybe one of my recommendations has grabbed your interest and you will try one of them out. I try my best to take a good example of a TV show (or movie), a book and a podcast (or soundtrack) each month for your consideration.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please consider following me for future similar content.

The Prince’s Scoop

A Netflix Movie Review

This weekend, before I returned to work after the Easter holidays, I wanted to cosy up and watch a film on TV.

Noticing that Gillian Anderson had made a movie about the Prince Andrew scandal, I chose ‘Scoop.’

Having watched the infamous BBC Newsnight interview back in 2019, I was intrigued about how events unfolded.

My Review

Gillian Anderson played Emily Maitlis, the clever TV reporter who gave a one hour interview with Prince Andrew about his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein.

It turned out that the central character was actually Sam McAlister (Billie Piper). She was the booker who had the difficult task of being the first to arrange an interview with Andrew after a new bunch of revelations hit the news.

Rufus Sewell did a good job of playing the despicable prince and wore prosthetics that made him look very convincing in the role. His Private Secretary was played by Keeley Hawes.

The subject matter in the film is very grim as it was unpicking allegations made against Andrew which were later dismissed in a settlement where one of the girls involved supposedly received an 8 figure payoff.

Billie Piper played her role excellently and it was good to see her back on our screens. She portrayed a single parent who had a track record of persuading unlikely celebrities to appear on Newsnight and discuss their featured stories

I thought the filmmakers did a brilliant job of producing a film which put the whole story under a lens.

In A Nutshell

Overall this film was well made and brilliantly acted. Billie, Gillian, Rufus and Keeley were all flawless in portraying real people.

I know that the subject matter may be upsetting for some viewers but if you are interested in the scandal, check out this film.

In terms of pace, narrative and realism this movie was very good.

Damsel – A Dragon Story

Although my picture may not represent the Irish dragon who lurks beneath a mountain in this Netflix movie, it captures the mood of the film. In this post, I review this entertaining movie which stars Millie Bobbie Brown and Nick Robinson.

Lasting 1 hour and 49 minutes, this adventure story depicts the joining of two important families by marriage. Elodie (Millie Bobbie Brown) is brilliant as the girl who is betrothed to a prince in order to fix her father’s financial difficulties.

Unfortunately, after the marriage, Elodie is dropped into the cave where an evil dragon dwells. She was meant to be an offering made to keep the dragon away from the medieval town.

My Thoughts

The initial wide images look a bit like cartoon scenes as the special effects are less sophisticated than you would find in the cinema. However, that is soon forgotten as you get sucked into Elodie’s adventure.

Millie really shines in this movie. With Ray Winstone playing her dad and Angela Bassett as her step mum, she is in good company.

I really enjoyed the twists and turns that the main character took as she tried to escape the dragon. Her awkward relationship with the prince (Robinson) was also interesting.

This was never going to be a heavy script with social issues grappled with. It was, though, hugely entertaining and a good piece of escapist television.

If you want a distraction and to be taken off to a medieval world where a dragon threatens civilisation, this is certainly worth checking out.

I totally recommend spending an afternoon following this narrative. Damsel is satisfying, fun and was a Number 1 success on Netflix.